3 Expert Nonprofit Marketing Insights from CauseVox Live

Nonprofit organizations support good causes, work with the resources they have, and tirelessly try to make the world a better place. But it isn’t easy.

Nonprofits rely on the generosity of donors and supporters to make a difference. With the nonprofit landscape constantly changing, capturing the attention of these busy people is challenging.

Today’s nonprofit marketers and donor relations managers wonder how they can cultivate meaningful relationships, as well as take advantage of available technology to engage donors and learn more about their preferences and behaviors.

Last month, Campaign Monitor partnered with CauseVox to host the San Francisco stop of CauseVox Live. At the event, we dug into the questions plaguing nonprofits today. CauseVox Live included an insightful, inspiring panel discussion featuring experts ranging from CauseVox’s CEO Rob Wu to top fundraisers from San Francisco’s Amigos and BAYCAT.

Experts shared key facts, insights, and nonprofit best practices to help attendees stay up-to-date on how to effectively connect with current donors and gain new ones. Here are three helpful takeaways we learned straight from the pros at CauseVox Live.

1. Donor and fundraising behavior have shifted

Relationship-based fundraising is here to stay. As donor behavior shifts, technology is simultaneously shifting to keep up. These technological shifts allow nonprofits to pave new paths to connect with their donors, volunteers, and supporters.

Rob Wu shared that he finds the new era of fundraising to be community-driven. Instead of focusing on email blasts of the past, today’s nonprofits are focused on relationship-based fundraising efforts, with the goal to connect with donors in a personal way.

Here are some ways that donor behavior has shifted:

  • Donors want to have a personal connection to the causes they support. They want to see the effects of their donation or participation. Be transparent with the impact your organization is having. This builds authentic donor relationships and support.
  • Donors want updates after they make donations. Update your donors and keep them in the loop to show them that they are a part of your cause.
  • Technology has changed the way we interact. With endless amounts of information in our pockets, there are strong social changes in how we communicate and participate. Nonprofits that adapt to the changing landscape will likely be the ones who thrive.

Noah Barnett with CauseVox said it best: “Your donors are humans, not just a number on a spreadsheet or a dollar sign in your bank account.” Turning a transactional relationship into a person-to-person relationship will do wonders for your fundraising strategies.

2. An engaging campaign excites supporters

Prospective and current donors want to connect and get excited about the work your organization is doing. A powerful way to provide personal connection and show impact is to give supporters the floor and let them tell your story.

Taylor Martin, Amigos’ Regional Outreach Manager, shared how Amigos teamed up with alumni of the program to create buzz around both the alumnis’ causes and their own.

For example, Dorn Wenniger, a six-summer volunteer of the Amigos program, decided to take on a giant goal and in tangent raise awareness for Amigos. He raised donations to run seven marathons in seven days, on seven continents. All funds he raised were given to Amigos.


Taylor expressed the power of Dorn personally expressing Amigos’ story, how the organization has impacted him, and what he is doing in support of their message.

The lesson? It’s powerful to tell your own story as a nonprofit, but it’s even more powerful to hear your mission through supporters.

BAYCAT’s development director shared the same effect after a campaign they ran, sharing: “Hearing our story told through our supporters is inspiring … it also us raise more online and further fund our programs.”

It is key to maintain donor relationships and find out what fuels their stewardship. Why were they excited to donate last year? Give your donors the platform to share their experience with your audience.

3. Learning about donors and segmenting your campaigns brings results

Today’s technology allows us to engage individual donors and learn how they WANT to communicate. How  can you talk to donors with differing interests, and how do you choose the correct cadence and messaging?

Campaign Monitor’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Allison Wahl offered a key solution based on what she has learned from working with customers like Unicef, Burning Man and more. By leveraging today’s technology and taking a behaviorally driven approach, you can immensely improve the accuracy of your messaging.

A donor or potential donor who has visited your site once should be spoken to in a different way than somebody who has visited 50 times. Through tapping into behavioral tools, you can connect with them in a unique, personal way.

Confident organizations encourage risks and defensive organizations are risk averse. Using segmentation allows your organization to take risks by testing exactly which content and messaging specific groups of your audience want to receive.  Segmentation tactics can be based on:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Past activity
  • Market
  • Workflow activity
  • Donor/volunteer persona

For example, Red Cross segments their audience from the very beginning. They let their subscribers choose how much personalization they prefer based on the information they include:

Red Cross – Email Segmentation


Segmentation allows you to discover exactly what your specific donors/potential donors need from you to stay engaged and happy with your organization.

Wrap up

The nonprofit space is ever-changing, and how you adapt to change is key to success. Never stop learning from your audience, testing to discover what they need, and using segmentation tools to ensure you are reaching out to donors as humans, not just an inbox.

The dynamic shifts and trends in donor behavior can be a lot to keep up with. The insights presented by the experts at CauseVox Live gave each attendee fresh ideas on how they can utilize current engagement and fundraising channels. We also left with a full appreciation for all of the hard, meaningful work done by today’s nonprofit organizations.

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