can i put something in my portfolio if the client didn’t use all of my Design work?

I'm not sure how to search for this info or even if I'm asking the right questions. Here's a run down of the full story, if it's too much info I apologize. Just let me know and I will edit out any extra info.

I was an intern at an advertising agency. I did a lot of work that was supposed to go live but never did for various reasons. During that time I designed a trade show booth that had many different items. This is one of the only things I designed that was used/is still being used. The issue is, I designed two table cloths, two different banners, & a tv stand. The internship ended and I went back to finish school, still on good terms with the business (if that matters). A few months after I left, the company printed ONE banner design on two banners. No biggie, just not what I had designed. They also changed the and added an extra logo to the table cloths. Nothing else I designed was used. When I asked the art director about it, they told me that the original budget for the client changed, so some of it had to be scrapped.

So, some questions:

  • Is it even "my" design still?
  • Can I use the concept I made with photos of some it being used? Or is that unprofessional?
  • If this is the only work I made during the internship that was used by clients, should I even mention the internship?

I'm trying to fix up my online portfolio and I feel like I need to show that I contributed something during my internship, that I had a design actually get pushed live that was solely my own. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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