Dropship on Facebook Will End Soon

Dropship on Facebook Will End Soon

Dropship on Facebook Will End Soon

A clickbaity title perhaps, but there are 2 gems in the thread that anyone doing dropshipping on FB would NOT want to miss: They are found in posts #7 and #12.

AVERAGES in Affiliate Marketing, do they exist at all and how to figure them out?

“A typical newbie tries to figure out one thing : the AVERAGE figures for pretty much everything. I know we have dozens of threads here on STM, that try to find the average for one thing or the next … what’s the average CTR, what’s the average CVR to aim for, what’s the average price for traffic … OR even more unrealistic … what’s the average income in AM after 3 months.”

Having Trouble with International Audience Targeting

Member mitchell points out a problem with using the same audience targeting across multiple geos on Facebook. Moderator stickupkid gives good suggestions in his reply.

Redirect Based on Offer’s Page Content

Many of us have encountered this problem: An offer reaches cap, and the affiliate network automatically redirects your traffic to another offer – one you don’t want to run. Is there a way to have your tracker AUTOMATICALLY detect this switch, and direct the traffic to an offer you’ve chosen beforehand? The answer is yes – and FunnelFlux is the solution.

Looking for Remote Position for Marketing Work!

A member is looking to find employment in the affiliate industry, to learn the ropes while earning an income, but don’t know how to approach it. The community helps out with good advice.

Your Affiliate Marketing Skills Are In High Demand!

What you have are a very particular set of skills. Skills acquired through rigorous split-testing. Skills that make you a nightmare for other marketers. There’s a host of big Affiliate companies seeking your unique skillset for Media Buyer roles to play with their big budgets and level up their business. Check out the range of positions now on Affjobs.

Affiliate Manager / Prague, Czech

Want to earn over $120k+ a year as an Affiliate Manager? Travel around the world to the top Affiliate conferences? Do you know German? ConvertingTeam are after a to join their slick office in Prague. Apply now!

Affiliate Manager / Haarlem, Netherlands

Work hard, Play hard is Ratus’ motto. Join their fast-growing Affiliate Network in Haarlem, Netherlands. They’re seeking exciting talent with experience in eCommerce that speak Dutch well. English is an advantage. Apply now!

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