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Get Money-Making Mom for just $2.99!

WooHoo! Right now you can get the Kindle version of Money-Making Mom for just $0.99!

Here are more details on the book:

Money-Making Mom is packed full of brand-new stories and information — details that you’ve not read here on the blog before. I had so much fun digging deep, writing from my heart, and writing new material that has come from years of having my own business and making many mistakes.

I think you’ll enjoy getting a closer look at the behind-the-scenes of what has made successful, as well as hearing about many, many failures I’ve made along the way.

Best of all, this book doesn’t just share my story, but there are dozens and dozens of success stories from many different women who are in different seasons and who have a wide variety of different businesses and income-earning ventures.

Money-Making Mom is not a book about about making money as a blogger or even just about making money online. Instead, it’s a hands-on manual to help you discover your passions and talents and those into a profitable business — whether online or offline.

Woven through the pages is my heart to women to uncover their gifts, use their talents, and make a difference in this world! Because you have a story. You have a message. You have gifts and talents. And the world needs your story, your message, your gifts, and your talents!

Go here to download the Money-Making Mom eBook for just $0.99.

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