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The occupational and safety sector is thriving with the increment in global industrial activity. Such demand has created a forte for the training of professional safety experts, giving rise to numerous certifications and programs that guide aspiring safety experts to the heights of this challenging profession. Occupational health and safety involves resource management, work place risk assessment and employee health and safety, among other responsibilities with grave impact on the overall performance of any industry. Taking calculated measures to prevent any mishaps in industrial activity, minimizing loss of industrial resources by ensuring the smooth operation of day to day tasks, safety experts need to be fully prepared to tackle various work environments. A deep sense of awareness about industrial activity and sufficient knowledge about varying ecological factors is necessary in the safety profession. safety NEBOSH certification, a training course from the UK is one of the most popular programs that help mould aspiring professionals with the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge about occupational health and safety. At Ensign, we provide this certification for candidates who wish to embark on a journey in occupational health and safety. Carefully designed curriculum with international validation and recognition in safety boards across the world, NEBOSH is a strong asset. The practical exposure and the theoretical knowledge in the field amplify the career prospect for young professionals. NEBOSH or the National Educational Board in Occupational Safety and Health is one of the most widely recognized accreditations for any aspiring professional. Although the UK is the source of this magnificent work environment certification program, it is of immense value everywhere in the world. Offered as a premier course in numerous educational institutions across the world, this certification is a seal that assures a hiring industry of quality professionals that have undertaken the necessary trainings. There are many courses offered under the NEBOSH wing, the national general certificate being the most prominent of all. For managers, and freshers’ alike, a NEBOSH certification instils the necessary knowledge needed to rise up to the standards of any industry. Learning about varying work conditions in theory doesn’t cut it. Awareness is key to this profession, where NEBOSH specializes in manifesting the best out of a candidate towards a certain understanding of the practical problem solving skills that weigh on this keen ability. It is important to understand the actions and reactions of every industrial activity without compromising on the workforce, company resources or the environment. Since its inception in 1989, there hundreds and thousands of professionals have taken their careers ahead with an accreditation from the National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. Understanding how to manage risks effectively, in any given work environment, testimonials of successful safety experts from around the world add further value to the NEBOSH prestige. Besides the immense professional accreditation of the NEBOSH certificate, it falls under the low-cost category for training courses. This affordability makes this course both widespread an easily accessible. Since the industry demands quality and the profession is decorated with a fair share of risks, the affordability of the course plays a vital role in ensuring quality professionals get the required training on time. NEBOSH quality assurance is backed by a heritage of nurturing industry professionals. Besides, the legacy, the educational board based out of UK pieces together the necessary elements to thrive in an industrial exposure prominent in some of the toughest conditions anywhere. If you are equipped with the NEBOSH certification, there is a high chance that you will be hired soon after the training is completed. Despite the emergence of newer training courses for occupational health and safety, NEBOSH serves as a desirable feat for any company looking to hire safety experts. To attribute to the value of NEBOSH, research shows key facts placing NEBOSH above the other available occupational health and safety.

The research conducted by NEBOSH found that: • 38% positions requested a NEBOSH Certificate level qualification • 92% of safety jobs asked for some form of NEBOSH qualification and/or an IOSH membership. • Many and safety occupations advertised include responsibilities for environmental (39%) and quality (18%) management as revealed in the previous research. An important benefit of effective health and safety training is the impact on your status as a commercial enterprise.By keeping a track record of zero safety hazards and risks while maintaining an impressive productivity and performance adds further credibility to a business as a safety whole Promoting responsible and smart management practices, you earn the respect of peers in the industry, as well as the trust of the community. Promoting responsible and smart management practices, you earn the respect of peers in the industry as well as the trust of the community. This is the feat that sets NEBOSH apart from conventional occupational health and safety courses offered at institutes. The qualifications guarantee profits and success, rewarding a colourful health and safety career. As the demands for experienced individuals are heavily influenced by certain certifications such as NEBOSH, training institutes often provide the varying certifications under NEBOSH to not only attract prospects but nurture aspiring professionals. The value that this certification carries is complimented by the successful career opportunities that fresh candidates are offered almost immediately. safety In simple terms, NEBOSH qualifications make everybody benefactors, whether you’re hiring or getting hired in an industry. There is very little argument against attaining a NEBOSH certified qualification since the training programme speaks for itself. Holding a NEBOSH certificate opens up venues to flexible and well-paying careers in a range of industries from fire and safety, manufacturing, power plants, chemical engineering, civil services and so on. The scope is not only widened with NEBOSH certification, but considered rather efficient in terms of the output generated in an industry with growing needs for qualified professionals who can tackle work environments that aren’t getting that much easier with technological advancements. That being said, the NEBOSH certification is merely the first step towards a budding career in occupational health and safety. As the industry diversifies, so does the need for specialized safety experts. The number of roles in each industry, each with a designated qualification required, increases. The growth curve of a prospect in occupational health and safety is ever rampant. NEBOSH programs are a valuable tag to go with your dreams of pursuing a career with the best in the industry

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