How to "Climb the Ladder" – Only Infotechwrong?

I've tried asking my about progression and just get told there is no money, no positions available. They encouraged me to do a vocational course (Level 3 Diploma in Libraries, Archives and Information Services), which I have almost completed. They initially said they would pay, I went through the CPD application process and was then told that if I leave within two years of finishing the course I will have to pay it back. I feel very let down and depressed that although there is no issue with my work and my appraisal was excellent, there is no opportunity for me to move forward. My previous job was a similar situation – examinations officer in a college, I was told I was working at a high level and doing everything well but there was no progression opportunities.

I can't work out what I;m doing wrong. I'm not very good at networking, as I'm a bit shy, but I do try and build relationships and generally earn trust and respect through always doing what I promise, working hard and delivering results. I'm happy to work through large volumes of work, such as processing lots of information, even if its repetitive.

I'm thinking of trying to get into finance/accounting as I'm good with numbers and think I would be happy to work through a stack of invoices etc. I'm not sure how though, as all the jobs seem to ask for experience or be for school leavers?

I'm just scared of paying £1000 for this course in order to leave my job, and getting stuck in another dead-end job.

I'm also studying for a degree (Biomedicine) full-time in the evenings, I have 15 months left. I decided to do a to try and open up more opportunities as most employers seem to be asking for graduates. I can't face the idea of still being here in 15 months though, of only earning £20k at the age of 30.

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