Is it time to move on to a new position?

I've been with my company nearly ten years and I feel close to miserable. A lot of it has to do with my boss and I'm so conflicted.

This job, and company, seems to change people for the worst. My colleagues and I were all once very close, because we all started from the bottom and are now in upper level management roles. However, my boss, has changed so much that some I can't stand being around her. I know that work isn't always rainbows and sunshine, but I no longer want to work with someone who is so miserable, they carry a black cloud and rain crap on everyone all day. Here are some of my issues, and maybe I'm already answering my own with these:

  • Boss throws other managers under the bus to execs.
  • Boss jumps to conclusions, before discussing issues and then flips out on managers.
  • Boss makes promises and then does shady things behind employee's backs
  • Boss says she's stressed because she does "everything" and gives no credit to anyone
  • Boss yells at managers in front of their subordinates and other managers
  • Boss thinks she's always right, even without knowledge of topic or issue at hand
  • Boss has no sense of equality and treats all managers differently (some with high respect, some with no respect)

  • Boss listens to hearsay and makes assumptions based on gossip, not facts.

Maybe I sound whiny, but its hard to convey the issues in detail.


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