Selling an AI Credit Score model that whoops traditional credit scores

Hi, I'm a founder of an AI company. We've created technology to automate AI and can build out sector specific applications super fast. The problem we have is sales cycle length as when we want to sell AI capability we generally have to educate the customer a little on AI, understand their business and show them how they can benefit from AI. Possibly even do a small proof point. All before we get a sales commitment. We've been doing this successfully at fortune 500s but it requires deep technical knowledge, strategic mindset and sales / account management skills all in the one person.

This has been a limiting factor in growing our sales team as we have non technical sales people finding leads and doing the first meetings but they can't create an AI road map and cost it for a business, which is the majority of the time investment in our sales cycle and our tech team doesn't have enough of a business mindset to understand the business and lay out a profitable road map.

The solution we think is going vertical on an industry. We've got projects with great results in healthcare and banking, so the idea is to train a financial services sales person and try to teach them how AI can be applied in banking and insurance. Lay out a road map and possible solutions and let them shop them around. One we think is a great headline piece is the fact we have done a 75% improvement in credit scoring accuracy for a UK bank.

The question is how do you think we should go about finding the right person for this role?

What skills do you think are required?

Deep connections in industry are one of the best things a person can bring to the table, how can we ascertain they really have the connections before hiring?

Another problem we have is making sure we get the right person. If you were approached with a zero commitment from you, 10% commission only side piece for what you're doing right now, on multimillion pound deals. With the idea that if the relationship is successful you come on board full time would that be attractive? Are there any downsides to this approach?

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