Watch the Pro-Mueller ad from Republicans afraid Trump's going to fire the special counsel

Watch the Pro-Mueller ad from Republicans afraid Trump's going to fire the special counsel, ONLY infoTech

A report by Maggie Haberman and Michael S. Schmidt in today’s New York Times is headlined “Trump, Angry About Reports of Subpoenas, Nearly Mueller in December.” And an opinion column by Jennifer Rubin published online this morning by The Washington Post is titled “The White House says Trump can fire Mueller. That should give Republicans heartburn.”

Judging from the just-released ad above, plenty of Republicans are already popping Prisolec at the prospect of the president trying to put an end to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation by ousting the man himself. It was created by a group called Republicans for the Rule of Law, which was founded by conservative commentator Bill Kristol. The ad is slated to appear today on D.C.-market cable news channels, including on Fox News during President Trump’s favorite TV show, “Fox & Friends.”

“In Vietnam,” an announcer says in voice-over at the start of the ad, “Robert Mueller rescued fallen Marines under enemy fire and was awarded a Bronze Star for valor.” It goes on like that, laying out Mueller’s credentials while conspicuously never mentioning a certain someone who famously got out of serving in Vietnam on a “bone spurs” deferment (plus four educational deferments). A series of GOP leaders are also shown saying things in support of Muellerincluding Vice President Mike Pence, who says “The special counsel has a job to do”before closing with an appeal: “Call your representative,” the announcer urges, “and tell them to protect the Mueller investigation.”

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