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donor relationship building

We know many of you are in the same predicament of wanting to do more for your donors. During many of our weekly webinars I’m sure you’ve heard industry leaders stressing the importance of thanking your donors as soon as humanly possible. Also, a generic thank you letter is not enough. Call them, love them, make them feel special. But how does one keep up with all of it? You know donor centricity is of the utmost importance, but who has the time? 

So, how can Bloomerang help? We have a solution that involves sharing the responsibility of making those thank you calls with board members and volunteer solicitors. And why not connect them with donors for in-person follow-up meetings so they can share their passion for your mission with newer supporters? Here’s how it works.

First, create Bloomerang users for your board members or volunteers and assign them to constituents. Okay, so I know what you are thinking. What if they accidentally delete a donation or pledge? Or worse, a donor’s entire constituent record with their giving history, etc.? Rest assured, Bloomerang has a user permission level that will allow users (board members or volunteer solicitors) to access what they need to engage and build relationships with donors, while restricting their ability to add, edit, or delete anything that would upset your accountant or financial auditors. Let’s continue…

Board members and volunteers can easily review a constituent’s Summary page including their giving history, recent activity, and overall engagement score. Building relationships with your donors means understanding who they are, and how they have engaged with your organization. This includes providing anyone on the relationship building team with access to view a donor’s entire history with your organization — including giving history. Board members and volunteer solicitors are people you trust. Provide them with the necessary tools to build successful relationships with your constituency.

donor relationship building

Once a board member or volunteer solicitor has completed a call or meeting, they can add a summary of what happened using Notes and Interactions (they can do this from their mobile device). They can also create any new follow-up tasks from the constituent record or Task page.

donor relationship building

Use reports to view their progress.

donor relationship building

Find the people in your village who are willing to help. Engage board members and volunteers to contribute where it really matters, and give yourself back a little more time each day. Just think about how important it will make them feel, and how it will deepen their commitment to your organization. Also, your constituents will feel loved as a result. Everyone wins.

Bloomerang is always working to bring you the best donor retention tools in the industry. View our Product Changelog to see everything we’ve been been up to.

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Jessica Hartnagle

Jessica Hartnagle

Product Manager at Bloomerang

Jessica Hartnagle is the Product Manager at Bloomerang. She has over 10 years of experience consulting and implementing nonprofit donor CRM systems.

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