Easy Motivational Routines That Actually Work

Easy Motivational Routines That Actually Work

You should know by now that working hard towards your goals requires a lot of determination and motivation. There is no easy path towards success. You must work hard and demonstrate what you are capable of in order to reach objectives. You can’t allow yourself to fear failure or be intimidated by your peers’ success.

That’s why you need to start working on your motivation. What person could possibly succeed without passion and enthusiasm over his or her goal? We must be strong, intelligent, and willing to commit if we want to see great results in the long-run.

I am going to provide you some motivational routines you could make use of. They will keep you on the right track when procrastinating and give you the right incentive to continue. Take a look and see which one fits you the best. Don’t hesitate to leave comments of constructive feedback!

Start Your Day Properly

Starting our day off rightly is crucial. We cannot function properly without peace and quietness. Make sure you take some “you time” every morning. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual, drink your coffee in peace, read the newspaper, jog, stretch, enjoy a good breakfast, and dress nicely. Take the time you need to feel good with yourself. That adds a lot of power to your ambition.

Imagine starting your day off the other way around – stressing over endless tasks and unfinished assignments, or simply hurrying to eat breakfast. It is not pleasant to neglect your needs and “you time.” It decreases your motivation to pursue goals and finish assignments. Speaking of which…

Set Goals and Ask “Why?”

Setting goals is an important step towards success. Dan Rowel, director at Lee High and professional freelancer specialized in essay writing, recommends to “map out a plan and ask yourself the following questions” at the beginning of each week:

  • What are your main goals?
  • Why do you want to reach those goals?
  • What determined you to continue?
  • Are you completely satisfied with your progress?
  • Is there anything you’d like to improve?

Write down the answers on your notebook and read them every day!

Quality over Quantity

Working hard is a great step towards success but working too hard is a certain step towards failure. You don’t need to be a workaholic in order to reach your goals and finish your tasks. It’s all about the amount of determination you include in your work/study sessions. Being motivated does not mean working non-stop, it means working smartly. It means focusing on your performed tasks a hundred percent.

So, remember: always choose quality over quantity!


Another great way to keep motivated is meditation. You won’t know how meditation helps you until you try it. It cannot really be explained, but I’ll try my best. Meditation lowers stress levels, facilitates our understanding of the situations we are being exposed to, develops strong focusing qualities, and changes the way we think in a completely new, yet positive way.

You don’t even have to dedicate much time to it. You can meditate during your work breaks, at the gym, in your backyard after work, or any time in the morning. Find a quiet place, buy a yoga matt, and start practicing.

Reward Yourself

Another great to stay motivated is rewarding yourself after completing each task. Setting goals is extremely beneficial because it constantly reminds you of why you are working so hard; sometimes though, that is not enough. Frustrations might get in the way, and you might suddenly feel compelled to complete your tasks and daily assignments instead of enjoying the process. That is when you start rewarding yourself!

Make yourself a healthy peanut butter shake every time you finish an important task or buy yourself a nice shirt every week. If you don’t finish your task of the week, don’t buy anything. Whatever you’re into, just make it work for you.

Listen to Motivational Speakers

A good way to increase motivation is listen to people talking! There are some great motivational speakers and life couches out there, waiting for you to reach out. Some great choices are Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Watch them on YouTube or follow them on Twitter and get pumped!

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Remember, your body is your temple. You must treat it properly in order to be able to function. Do not eat junk food and sit on the couch all day! Make sure you eat healthy and exercise. Lacking a balanced life style will get you demotivated quickly and easily, so don’t let that happen!

Have Fun

Last but not least, have fun! You can’t burry yourself in work all day and expect to be highly motivated. You need to relax and take breaks too. Reach out to your close friends and invite them out for a drink or go to a movie every now and then with your partner!

Wrapping Up

The above points are some great ways to increase your motivation level. You don’t have to try them all, but test some, and pick the ones that fit you the best!

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