Ethics as a designer?

Hey everyone, long time lurker here and considering how much I have learned from here I thought this would be a good place to ask for some advice.

So I recently finished uni as a mature student studying design and innovation and although my area is service, systems and user experience, I have always done a of graphic design on the side. Now due to circumstances, I decided to start doing freelance stuff from home, and within a week of putting myself out there I landed my first client, who was looking for a logo for his dog breeding business. And that is where my dilemma starts, initially I did not want to do it, I am a animal lover with a house full of crazies, and my dog was a rescue dog. But I went and met him, seen his dogs and was happy he was/is a responsible breeder, so made him his logo. He was super happy with it and paid well and on time. But now he has come back saying he would like to employ me up to 4 times a year to do ads for future breeds, which means I go round take pictures of the dogs he is going to breed and make an ad for the litter to be used in social media. I quoted him £25 per hour with an estimate of about 3 hour’s work a time and he was over the moon and would love for me to do this for him. But I am concerned, I don’t want to be that guy that helps endorse the breeding of animals for money and after some more research I discovered that one of his breeds is very contentious.

But as a graphic designer just starting out how can I refuse a potential £300, 12 hour paycheck? Am I over thinking this? Should I allow my own moral compass to interfere with work?

In other words, where does personal ethics sit in the world of graphic design?

Thanks, everyone, bit long winded for a simple question, but I guess I needed to sort of just lay the problem out.

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