Generate Zoom meeting links automatically for your calendar invites

Amy + Andrew combat ‘tab addiction’ with unique, automatic Zoom links

Users of the immensely popular video conferencing service Zoom can thank Amy + Andrew for giving them one less browser tab to think about. Now, you can connect your account on and our AI scheduling assistants will automatically include a unique Zoom link in a calendar invite when prompted.

Given how many fans use Zoom (our Time Lords have been clamoring for Zoom compatibility), this integration is the logical next step towards an ever-more intuitive AI assistant.

Previously, to generate a new Zoom link, users would need to open up a new tab, navigate to their profile on Zoom’s website, and fill out a form. Alternatively, they could use a static personal meeting link, but that meant unexpected (or uninvited) conference guests who had access to the link could theoretically wander into active meetings – not ideal!

No more. Connect your Zoom account here.

Hit “Connect Zoom”, log in to your account, et voilå!

Whether the invite initiates in email or Slack, Amy + Andrew will automatically generate a new, unique link for every Zoom meeting and include it directly in the calendar invite for you to connect.

To cue in Amy or Andrew to set up a Zoom meeting, just let them know by using “Zoom” in your request: “Andrew, please set this meeting as a Zoom conference,” or “set up a Zoom call with Laurel this week.”

This means you can finally cut down on the bane of online existence today: too many open tabs.
A study in 2014 found that people who multitask more also have less grey matter, and a study on browsing in 2010 discovered that 25% of tabs were never even clicked on! Not the healthiest way to work. Tellingly, the study also illustrates how many users open tabs as “reminders” for themselves, which may be exacerbating a lack of follow through. (If you need extra help cutting down on tabs, check out the Tabagotchi Chrome extension, it gets healthier the fewer browser tabs you have.)

With’s Zoom integration, Amy + Andrew are now a remedy to tab overload. Just tell them your meeting is a Zoom call and you’re set! No more added tab hopping.

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