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For the HOW Design Live programming team, choosing the keynote presenters who take the stage throughout the event in front of the full conference audience isn’t an easy task. It doesn’t happen quickly. And it’s a team effort.

It’s a bit of creative alchemy: assembling a lineup of keynotes that are both new and unknown to attendees, from different creative pursuits, who can and inspire and uplift a room of 3,000+ designers. The roster of keynote presenters is unique to each year’s event; you’ll never again hear these bright thinkers in the same place and time. Here’s a look at this year’s keynote speakers:

Build Personal Skills to Fuel Your Most Brilliant Career

Bestselling author Dan Pink will take the stage armed with insights from his newest book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, to share the “scientific secrets of perfect timing.” After his keynote, you’ll understand how to pinpoint the optimal time to make big decisions, to undertake certain projects and find your performance sweet spot.

Recognizing that introverted creatives often get lost in workplaces designed to support and promote extroverts, Susan Cain, founder of The Quiet Revolution, will help bold personalities and quiet types coexist and get epic work done.

“Culturally, we need a yin and yang between [introverts and extroverts]. The key to maximize our talents is to put us in the zone of stimulation that’s best for us.” — Susan Cain, The Quiet Revolution

Dubbed an “expert in helping others make changes in their lives,” author/educator/speaker Dorie Clark will do more than inspire you. She’ll give you practical advice—building upon her book Stand Out—for defining, cultivating and living your own personal brand. You’ll learn how that can make a real difference—for your career, your reputation and your life.

“When we have a strong brand, it draws high quality clients and projects to us—no more pounding the pavement or begging for business. Your brand, when done right, allows you to charge the premium prices you deserve.” — Dorie Clark

Dorothea Volpe, principal of Social Espionage, will continue the dialog about personal branding with five key strategies for staking your claim in the digital space. You’ll learn how to get the right type of attention for yourself, your work and your company.

Expand Your Professional Toolkit

For Giorgia Lupi, data isn’t just a set of information. It’s insight into life itself. Data is everywhere, and creatives need to not only understand the numbers, but also communicate meaning in ways people can relate to. She’ll share some of her most recent collaborations and experiments in how data can provoke innovation, aid understanding and facilitate communication.

The recently announced closing keynote session, Design Matters Live: Debbie Millman in Conversation with Chase Jarvis, pairs the perceptive podcast host with the noted photographer and entrepreneur. In a wide-ranging and inspiring conversation, they’ll talk about what it takes to commit to a creative career and to persevere in the face of rejection and failure.

Get an Intimate Portrait of Design Legends

Imagine landing a gig at one of the world’s most influential studios right out of design school—and spending nearly 15 years working alongside a true design legend. Sagi Haviv joined Chermayeff & Geismar in 2003 and is now a named principal of the firm. In his keynote, he’ll share personal insight into the life and work of Ivan Chermayeff.

She’s probably the most impactful female designer you’ve never heard of: Cipe Pineles. You’ll get to know her, her influence and her work when Wendy MacNaughton and Sarah share images and inspiration from their book about Pineles, Leave Me Alone with the Recipes.

And These Guys …

Designer/artist Adam Kurtz, award-winning CCO Brian Collins, Coca-Cola Company VP of global design James Sommerville and progressive creative leader Nick Law—all sharing their teams’ remarkable work, war stories, career paths and more.

There will never again be the opportunity to learn from these innovators. And there’s never been a better time to register for HOW Design Live: The final Early Bird Registration discount—up to $400 off your Big Ticket package—expires at midnight on April 16. Register today!

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