How much do you work with Marketing to develop familiarity with cold prospects?

I guess my real question is follow-up. I'm trying to step up my follow up game. I'm working with a new agency so our brand name is not well known, so obviously there's a bigger challenge with establishing yourself as an in your space when it comes to cold prospects.

Beyond just contacting and qualifying prospects, I'm trying to really iron out my follow up system to help familiarize the prospects with our brand, and recognize the need for our service. The agency is still early in their digital marketing presence so they haven't even really ironed out their marketing strategy. But our service really stands out from the competition with a totally disruptive model, so honestly there's gonna be a little education involved to show how we're different from the competition.

My question is, what sort of would be useful in nudging cold prospects into warm leads? I'm thinking of sharing some of the agency's blog posts which do a good job in explaining necessity. They're currently working on a good explainor video, so that should be great for email material.

It can take many points of contacts before finally driving the sale, so I'd love to hear your guys' thoughts to help the new guy out. Thanks!

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