Infographic: How long must you wait to ascend Google’s rankings?

When it comes to SEO, patience and persistence are the best virtues.

How quickly your company can climb Google’s ladder depends on a multitude
of factors, including domain authority, keyword competition and a slew of
on-page technical elements.

The answer to “How long does it take to rank in Google?” is that there is
no correct answer. However, an infographic post by
The Website Group can give you an idea of how long you must toil in the digital trenches
before gaining substantive SEO traction.

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Jumping off research conducted by
Ahrefs, the infographic offers such orts of advice as:

  • Just 22 percent of currently ranking in the top 10 (for the
    keywords the study analyzed) were created within the previous year. A huge
    majority of the top analyzed were close to or older than three years
  • A mere 5.7 percent of freshly published pages managed to reach Google’s
    top 10 within a year. For
    high-volume keywords, that number sank to 0.3 percent.
  • Pages from websites with a high domain authority
    fared much better than sites with low authority scores.
  • The “lucky” pages that did manage to quickly crack the top 10 did so
    within six months.

There’s no precise answer for how long it takes to rank in Google, but if
your site has a robust domain rating, you have a huge head start. For more
Google guidance and SEO strategy, review the rest of the infographic below.

How Long to Rank on Google Infographic

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