Is there a way to make two monitors into a single workspace?

I'm working with an Electron app that someone else wrote. It's meant to display content on two 4K displays that are arranged side by side. Without any special tricks, making the Electron app go full screen, causes the second display to go dark, and the app expands only to the screen it was started on, even though the app is programmed to create a single window that spans both. Apparently this is a design limitation with OSX.

As a workaround, the developer of the app found a method that uses the screensaver layer to render the window across both screens. This does work, but it also causes the machine to crash periodically. This is unacceptable. The solution seems clear, I need to find a way to make both monitors act as if they're a single workspace so that full screen will fill BOTH displays, but so far have not found a method.

Solutions I've tried so far include: The "Displays have separate spaces" checkbox in Mission Control. Looked at SwitchResX for virtual monitor functionality. Looked at hardware solutions like the Matrox multihead. Unfortunately neither the Mac Pro nor the Matrox box are 8K capable, otherwise this might be a solution.

I'm open to suggestions. So far my only option is to build a Windows machine, which I'm desperately trying to avoid. Thanks.

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