Need help with my macbook pro

Hi guys, I am having trouble with bootcamp and having 2 boot options when holding option key at boot.

the problem started awhile back when I was setting up bootcamp for my mac. Somehow with windows 10 my bootcamp boot option was corrupted and I had to reinstall bootcamp from scratch. However now I have 2 options to boot into and my mac option when holding down option key at boot.

One of them is the broken win 10 efi partition which fails to boot b/c somehow it got corrupted and the other one from what rEFInd shows is a 10 legacy boot option.

Here is what I want to do if anyone can help me with this and I really don't want to have to recreate bootcamp if I can unless that is my only option at this point.

  1. I want to remove the broken windows 10 boot option, this is also shows up in my target disk option in startup disk and its prob bc its the only efi windows boot option.
  2. I want to possibly convert the working legacy win 10 boot option into efi so it will work properly and show up in start up disk as an option. This also should fix my virtualization option on my bootcamp as well hopefully it stopped working couple weeks ago said virtualization disabled and the only way to fix it from what i read online was to boot into it using startup disk.

Any help is appreciated I have been stuck on this issue for awhile I am open to IM on reddit I think chatting would be quicker to solving this issue.

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