Newbie "Failures Of the Galaxy" You Should Avoid

Newbie “Failures Of the Galaxy” Summary

Some advice from member stickupkid to newbie affiliates on how to avoid failing at affiliate marketing.

A Simple Way to Detect Bot Traffic in Voluum

Member platinum presents an ingenius way of using Voluum to detect bot traffic, that requires no additional scripts or additional redirects. Even Gryn is impressed!

What to Do As a Beginner?

New member zyggmunt asks for recommendations on which type of paid traffic to start with, and the community chimes in with solid advice – comparing different traffic types, and also suggesting types of offers that can be run on Facebook.

Zero to $20k/day! Facebook + Nutra

Member alexenns goes into detail on how he targets an unusual demographic in the weightloss niche to reach green. Lots of gold nuggets including targeting and angles.

Vortex Gives Advice to Question: When to Move from Pop to FB/Native?

In spite of increasing competition, pop traffic remains the easiest traffic type to learn, compared to most others.
However, the potential for profits tends to be greater for other traffic types.
Thus, it is advised for newbies to start with pop, then expand to other traffic types – such as Native, Facebook, or Adwords.
But exactly when should one start moving away from pop? This post answers this exact question.

300+ Free Images for Nutra, Download Now!

Running weightloss on Native? Member khzidan has generously shared some images you may find useful.


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