Spring Content Releases – Week 1 Livestream Recaps

With 70+ new Courses, Challenges and hands-on Learning Activities launching this month, it’s hard to stay updated on everything out. If you miss our livestream announcements, you can get filled in on what was released below! You can also always watch the recorded streams at your convenience on our YouTube – subscribe for updates!

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This week we released these new hands-on learning activities:

  • New Practice Exams system
  • Interactive diagrams
  • Introduction to IAM hands-on lab
  • Building a Serverless Alerting Chatbot with AWS Lex

And these new courses:

  •  Google App Engine Deep Dive
  • Google Cloud Security Essentials
  • AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management) Deep Dive
  • Building a Serverless Chatbot With AWS Lex 

We can’t wait to tell you what’s next, but here’s why we’re not posting the list.

Thank you for joining us throughout this very exciting 70+ month!



Spring Content Releases Week 1 Livestream Recaps: 

April 6th – Building a Serverless Chatbot with AWS Lex. Watch the livestream here!

We released Building a Serverless Chatbot With AWS Lex with Fernando Medina Corey, where you’ll build out a serverless alerting chatbot application using AWS. We’ll learn and walk through everything required to develop and deploy the chatbot using AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex, and a few other AWS services.

Through the hands-on learning activity in this course you’ll:

  • Create a chatbot in a live AWS environment
  • Use Lambda functions to validate data
  • Integrate your bot with a service (we use Slack in this activity)
  • Be graded in real-time so you can check your progress as you work on your bot
  • And more!

We also talk to Christophe Limpalair, Chief Product Officer and founder of Scale Your Code, about the newest episodes. Scale Your Code interviews are with industry experts about how they implement and use technologies we teach in the real world, giving you a better understanding and case studies to learn from. Check out the newest episodes on a peer-to-peer CDN and migrating to the cloud. Stay tuned for an interview with the co-founder of Kubernetes soon!



April 5th – AWS IAM Deep Dive & AWS Security. Watch the livestream here!

We released a highly requested course – AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management) Deep Dive with Craig Arcuri, where you’ll learn how to configure and manage AWS IAM for any sized company. After taking this course, you’ll know the basic concepts, such as root account management, and you’ll learn more advanced concepts and gain extensive experience in configuration. Every lesson is split screen with a diagram to help you visually learn while you’re watching the course.

You’ll set up an entire company in IAM, establish policies, and configure permissions for the whole company. There are 17 downloads and a new hands-on lab to help you master and prove your skills!

We also hear from our course authors, Craig Arcuri and Thomas Haslett, on future AWS content, best AWS courses to get started on, certification exams and security. Anthony James introduces the AWS Security Webinar part 2 coming soon, watch part 1 here to get ready!


April 4th – Google App Engine Deep Dive with Interactive Diagrams. Watch the livestream here!

We released Google App Engine Deep Dive course with Joseph Lowery, where you’ll learn how you can use it to launch your app or website without having to worry about setting up or managing the server infrastructure. You’ll also learn what Google App Engine is, how it works, advantages of using it, how it compares in the industry, how to optimize it, and more! 

You’ll even actually build an app in this course! Through this hands-on activity you’ll:

  • Build an app and transition it from a standard environment to a flexible environment
  • Use our interactive diagrams to help walk you through the different phases
  • Learn additional information with each app building step and be able to engage with the diagrams in a hands-on way
  • Take 9 practice quizzes

We also answer lots of student questions in this live stream about Google and NCAA’s new partnership, our pricing system, and AWS courses and updates.

Surprise! We made a surprise announcement about our upcoming release of our very first AWS IAM hands-on lab. Are you as excited about this as we are?


April 3rd- Google Cloud Security Essentials & New Practice Exams System. Watch the livestream here!

We released Google Cloud Security Essentials with Matt Ulasien, where you’ll be introduced to the foundational skills needed to properly secure your organization’s GCP environment. You’ll learn about the shared responsibility model, securing your GC environment, best practices for securing data in Cloud Storage, managing access, and more!

With this course, we introduced our brand new Practice Exams and quizzes system! There are 6 quizzes in this course. Through this new feature, we’ll be able to help you more by:

  • Figuring out your strong and weak points
  • Tailoring training to fill in your knowledge gaps
  • Adding awesome new features like recommended time on each question, mark a question for review, and provide feedback
  • Enhancing the results and explanations and loading speeds

The best part is that this new system will be in all new courses moving forward!

You’ll also learn about our awesome content team – we have 26 full-time course authors! We’re always hiring, so check out our careers page if you or someone you know is a good fit!


April 2nd- Keller, TX Office Tour & What’s Coming. Watch the livestream here!

Get a glimpse into life at Linux Academy, go behind the scenes with an office tour, meet some of our team members, and see how we’ve been working hard to get ready for 70+ month! Our CEO and founder, Anthony James, shows you the way!




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