Spring Content Releases – Week 2 Livestream Recaps

We hope you’ve digging into the content we released last week! With 600+ hands-on labs and 600+ exercises on cloud servers, we offer the most hands-on cloud training. And we’re just getting started! Are you ready for another week of exciting new content and hands-on learning?

With 70+ new Courses, Challenges, and hands-on Learning Activities launching this month, it’s hard to stay updated on everything coming out. If you miss our livestream announcements, you can get filled in on what was released below! You can also always watch the recorded streams at your convenience on our YouTube – subscribe for updates!

Thanks for joining us in week 2 of this very exciting 70+ month! We’re celebrating all month, join us! 

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So far, we’ve released these new hands-on learning activities:

  • New Practice Exams system
  • Interactive diagrams
  • Introduction to IAM hands-on lab
  • Building a Serverless Alerting Chatbot with AWS Lex
  • Using the CLI hands-on lab
  • Setting ACLs in Swift hands-on lab
  • Managing Policies in OpenStack hands-on lab
  • DevOps Pipeline hands-on lab
  • Content and Media Delivery Challenge
  • EFS Storage Solutions Challenge
  • AWS Security Basics Quest

And these new courses:

  •  Google App Deep Dive
  • Google Cloud Security Essentials
  • AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management) Deep Dive
  • Building a Serverless Chatbot With AWS Lex 
  • Deploy and Manage OpenStack on Ubuntu – Pike
  • DevOps Essentials



Spring Content Releases Week 2 Livestream Recaps: 

April 12th – AWS Security Basics Quest. Watch the livestream here!

Say hello to our brand new Cloud Assessments Quest! AWS Security Basics will teach you fundamental security concepts through real-world scenarios, and test your skills in network security, encryption, S3 best practices, and more.

In this Quest, you’ll follow the story of Travel Salmon, a fictional vacation service, as they go from a pre-launch startup to an established company. As they grow, they’ll face a number of security issues that you’ll help them solve by learning by doing.

Test your skills in the 3 Challenges in this Quest! 

  1. VPC Network Security
  2. S3 Basics
  3. Encryption Basics

Stay tuned to hear about our 15 new courses and 40 hands-on Learning Activities we’re launching the rest of this month!



April 11th – Hands-On AWS CSA Challenges. Watch the livestream here!

We introduce two new challenges in our AWS CSA Quest, Content and Media Delivery Challenge and EFS Storage Solutions Challenge, by Phil Zona.

1. Content and Media Delivery Challenge – In this Challenge, you work for a photo sharing company who wants to create a more efficient distribution system for their photos. You’ll develop and troubleshoot a system that allows them to do this, and then configure the whole thing on a real domain so that users can easily access these assets.

After completing this Challenge, you’ll have shown expertise with CloudFront and Route 53, and you’ll have solved a connectivity issue you might experience in the real world.

Content and Media Delivery

2. EFS Storage Solutions Challenge – This Challenge will test your skills using Amazon Elastic File System to create a shared storage solution for a web application. You’ll assume the role of a solutions architect hired by a fictional zoo that wants to create a system to live stream their animal exhibits and use data analytics to determine which exhibits are the most popular.

By completing this Challenge, you’ll prove your skills by configuring shared data storage with EFS, as well as basic networking, encryption, and a little bit of Linux.

EFS Storage Solutions

Get to know Phil, our Assessment Architect, and learn about how he makes Quests, Challenges, and Learning Activities on Cloud Assessments. Hear about upcoming Challenges and Quests, and what you can do to WIN SWAG!



April 10th- DevOps Essentials Refresh. Watch the livestream here!

We refreshed DevOps Essentials with our new Course Author, Will Boyd (way to go Will on your first course!), where you’ll learn how to navigate the world of DevOps and understand the many concepts, tools, and terms. You’ll get familiar with the practices, utilities, processes, and pipelines DevOps uses, and learn about its relationship with the cloud.

DevOps Essentials

You can complete the DevOps Pipeline hands-on lab, where you’ll deploy changes to a production server involving GitHub. By walking through a hands-on demo, you’ll learn how to create pipelines and implement them into production.

DevOps Pipeline Lab

Hear from Terry Cox, Head of Linux/DevOps/Azure Content, about current and future DevOps content, new Course Authors, and careers in DevOps. Listen to a Q&A from our students about their feedback and requests! We LOVE our students’ feedback, so make sure to review the courses and post in our community so we can continue to make the best content for you.



April 9th – Deploy and Manage OpenStack on Ubuntu – Pike. Watch the livestream here! 

We released Deploy and Manage OpenStack on Ubuntu – Pike with Amy Marrich, where you’ll learn how it works by installing and configuring the Pike release of OpenStack onto a 5 node cluster running Ubuntu. After taking this course, you’ll have the basics needed to install a real OpenStack cluster in your local infrastructure.

OpenStack on Ubuntu - Pike

This course comes with 3 hands-on labs with live OpenStack environments so you can learn by doing!

  1. Using the CLI – Learn how to navigate the OpenStack CLI.
  2. Setting ACLs in Swift – Create a new container and upload a file to it. Set specified ACLs and expire the file.
  3. Managing Policies – Manage role policies to prevent users without permissions from creating images.


Hear about OpenStack industry updates, content launching next quarter, and future product updates.

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