These Winter Olympian Traits Will Have You Winning Gold in the Job Search Competition


Most of us are bundled up on the couch waiting for winter to leave and take its snow with it. Meanwhile, the winter Olympians are preparing to show off their best skills on the ice and slopes.

The games have brought triumph and heartache to every athlete involved, but nothing holds them down. It’s this driven mentality that makes them winners — even if they don’t land gold.

Your job search has produced the same rollercoaster of emotions. There’s no doubt the multitude of job search obstacles can produce dizzying effects. Many talented and hopeful job seekers end up missing opportunities due to these complications.

But with a new year comes new opportunities.

So, walk up to the highest hill, strap on your skis, lean forward, and jump into a fresh job search. Here’s some inspiration from talented U.S. winter Olympians to get you started:

1. Know your strengths

Team USA takes any chance they can to perfect their skills. Downhill skier Jackie Wiles takes her talents beyond the slopes to grow stronger and increase her speed. Most of us wouldn’t see a connection between riding motorcycle and skiing, but Wiles makes it perfectly clear.

“I have to be so focused in the moment and really concentrate on the task at hand,” Wiles said in a article. “There is so much that correlates with skiing because you have to pick your line, know the obstacles around you, get your angles with your turns and then accelerate out of them. I think that’s something unique that I do that not a lot of people do.”

Job search tip: Get creative finding and honing your own strengths. Try new things and put yourself in uncomfortable situations to perfect your interview skills. As you overcome your fears, job search obstacles won’t feel as difficult.

Volunteer opportunities are another great way to discover your strengths. Don’t forget to connect these experiences with job qualifications. Employers will notice and appreciate your initiative to continually develop your skills.

2. Find your team

Heather Bergsma has not only qualified for four speed skating events this year, she’s noted as a major contender for all four. There’s no doubt reaching this point in her career has taken an immeasurable amount of dedication. However, Bergsma also relies on the competitive spirit of her team to motivate her.

When asked how she felt about Brittany Bowe beating her in the 1,500 in a recent interview, Bergsma said she likes how they push each other. It’s important to challenge and push one another, even when you’re on the same team.

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Job search tip: Create a team of people who can keep you on track throughout the job search process. Ask friends, family members, previous co-workers, or a career coach to be part of your motivational team. They can also serve as an accountability group and challenge you to apply to a minimum number of jobs each month.

Overall, use this group as a means to inspire one another and post helpful application and interview tips.

3. Don’t let anything hold you back

Lindsey Vonn, one of the most talented and decorated ski racers, is making a comeback in Pyeongchang this February. After multiple injuries forced her to sit out of the 2014 games, Vonn is ready for her big return.

Even though her injuries threatened to ruin her chances this year, Vonn continued to push forward. She’s now a qualifier for her fourth Olympic games and isn’t letting anything hold her back from putting her best ski forward.

Job search tip: Don’t let the conditions of previous job search efforts stop you from succeeding today.

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Whether you took time off, missed out on a career you’re passionate about, or were even let go, that storm has passed. It’s crucial to learn from your history, then move on with confidence and perseverance. You never know when a new opportunity will present itself, and you need to be ready to shine at any moment.

How do you stay motivated during a difficult job search? Let us know in the comments below!

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