Typographic Design: 10 Impressive Projects from Award-Winning In-House Teams


“Typography is an art. Good typography is Art.” – Paul

You know that satisfying feeling you get when you see good design? Especially when that design uses typography that’s worth drooling over? Well get ready to feel that 10 times over. These designs were all created by teams that took home a HOW In-House Design Award in 2017. 

Regardless of what kind of design work you do, we hope these typographic designs inspire you to keep the creative wheels turning. And if you’re part of an in-house design team, we encourage you to celebrate your own team’s work by entering it in the 2018 HOW In-House Design Awards.

The Awards early-bird deadline is just around the corner (11:59pm EDT on May 7, 2018), but that’s plenty of time to ensure your team is under consideration for a number of amazing prizes. Check them all out here.


Feast Your Eyes on These Typographic Designs

OSV Holiday Card

Company/Organization OneSource Virtual, Dallas; www.onesourcevirtual.com | Creative Team Matt Regis, Jaclyn Williamson, Zack Howell

The objective for this piece was to create a corporate holiday card for delivery to clients, partners and prospects of OneSource Virtual. The intent for the overall design was to capture and convey the nostalgia associated with the holiday season and present the values and tradition inherent to OneSource Virtual.

Finish Line Woodfield Mall Fitting Room and Hallway Wrap

Company/Organization Finish Line, Indianapolis; www.finishline.com | Creative Team Jeremie Dunning, Aimee Rogers, Jason Steiner, Kevin Smola, Ben Clemens

Finish Line wanted the outcome to reflect the energy, personality and attitude of its relatively young target audience, while also projecting its own. Speaking to the customer through handmade messaging tailored to locals was extremely important in making that connection.

Rebranding Shillington

Company/Organization Shillington Education, New York City; www.shillingtoneducation.com | Creative Team Wood, Steve House, Steve Waring, Steph Ransom, Jason Cooper, Sara Mazzoni, Wayne Smith, Leyla Muratovic, Belen Ramos, Shanti Sanggaran, Karin Harvey, Christopher Norman, Standing by Co.

The visual language needed to be simple, direct and accessible—not edgy, gimmicky or trend-based—and allow the student work and graduate stories to shine.

25th Anniversary

Company/Organization Equinox, New York City; www.equinox.com | Creative Team Elizabeth Nolan, Timothy Strudwick, Juliet O’Reily, Juliana Frankovich, Jonathan Conway, Gisela Delgado, Maria Rosaria Gambino, Vanina Kim, Justin Miller, Linda Linko

Simple, powerful statements decorated Equinox clubs for the 25th anniversary of the brand, proclaiming loudly and proudly how far the brand has come—and why it’s never backing down.

AT&T Fiber of Love

Company/Organization DIRECTV, New York City; www.directv.com | Creative Team Roger Hyde, John Vetter, Max Jerome, David Bradley, Nancy Jimenez, David Ostrager, Tommy Tse, Ryan Wise, Billy Lewis, Hilda Griffiths

The objective was to drive awareness and increase subscribers from multiple dwelling units across the country to the AT&T platform. With this campaign, the company achieved more than 1.7 million print impressions, more than 31,000,000 digital impressions and an unprecedented lift in subscriptions.

DSGNMark Branding

Company/Organization PNI Media, Vancouver, British Columbia; www.dsgnmark.com | Creative Team Lisa Laird

DSGNMark is an in-house design agency producing smart, customizable templates for the print-on-demand industry. With the use of intricate detail and geometric shapes, the branded graphics represent both the business and creative intent of the business model.

7UP Lemon Lemon

Company/Organization PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City; http://design.pepsico.com | Creative Team PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Chandelier Creative

Pepsi Zero Sugar Limited Edition Super Bowl LI Commemorative Can

Company/Organization PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City; http://design.pepsico.com

PepsiCo Design partnered with retail agency Theory House and illustrator Matt Stevens to create this commemorative design, and what started as a single can then grew into a Houston-wide activation, with designs on billboards, tour buses and recycling bins.

Pizza Hut Corporate Headquarters

Company/Organization BI WORLDWIDE, Minneapolis; www.biworldwide.com | Creative Team Michelle Rollins, Eric Werket, Nate Johannes, Sherwin Schwarzrock, Julie Rybarczyk, Jennie Kettlewell, Andrew Broste

The team was challenged to update much of the Pizza Hut corporate headquarters to align with a new internal employee engagement and retention program.

Fenway Health Events 2017

Company/Organization Fenway Health, Boston; www.fenwayhealth.org | Creative Team Erica Sawyer, Elizabeth Gruber, April Francis, Marilyn Humphries

Each Spring, Fenway Health hosts its two largest fundraising events, the Dinner Party and Men’s Event, which are affirming spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to come together and support efforts to lessen health disparities within the LGBT community. The objective of this campaign was to excite and invite members of the community to the celebrations.

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