You can now use to schedule meetings you don’t have to attend

Some of our power users have shown us that sometimes you want to schedule a meeting that you don’t actually need to attend. Think recruiters, SDRs, or managers who primarily schedule for others. So, we taught Amy + Andrew to set up meetings that don’t include the person who originally requests the meeting. Our shorthand for this new skill? Meet without me. 

Press play to watch how a recruiter could use it to pass off a candidate to the hiring manager:


We originally designed our AI assistants for knowledge workers who have to schedule their own meetings (that’s most of us!). But as salespeople, recruiters, project managers, and others that often set up meetings for colleagues discovered the power of Amy + Andrew, we realized we could help those users be even more efficient.

Amy + Andrew’s ability to set up meetings on behalf of other people is more than a tweak or an update. It’s a new functionality that applies to many everyday situations. Imagine you’re a recruiter who wants to set up an interview between a stellar candidate and a hiring manager, or an SDR who wants to put a killer lead in touch with a sales rep, or a project manager who wants to ensure that their creative director and email marketer are aligned around an upcoming launch.

Watch this short video to see how an SDR could use it to hand off a lead to a sales rep:


In all of these cases Amy + Andrew now have your back, as long as at least one meeting participant has their calendar synced to How do you signal to Amy to make you optional? Give her a heads up that you don’t need to attend the meeting (“meet without me,” “I’m optional,” “schedule without me,” “I’m not necessary,” or a phrase along those lines).

“Meet without me” is also particularly helpful on Slack, where the need for a meeting can materialize quickly:

If you think Amy + Andrew’s new skill can help your team, up for a free trial and get 25% off our standard team rate. 

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