10 Quotes from Thought Leaders in Design

With sessions designed to change your thinking, radically improve your work and help you build business and marketing skills essential to your job, HOW Design Live can always be counted on to bring in industry-leading speakers who will deliver a wealth tips, advice and inspiration.

HOW Design Live 2018 in Boston (April 30–May 3) will be no exception. So as the deadline for registration approaches (early-bird pricing ends April 16—only six more days, friends!), we’ve gathered up some of our favorite design quotes from various thought leaders who will take the stage later this month.

10 Quotes from Design Leaders You Can Catch at HOW Design Live 2018

1. Aaron Irizarry, from his co-authored book, Discussing Design

In his session at HOW Design Live in Boston, Irizarry, head of experience infrastructure at Capital One, will be examining the language, rules and strategies for critique—and you’ll get takeaways you can immediately put to work for creating a useful, collaborative environment for discussing design.

2. Aaron Keller, from a recent talk at IABC Minnesota’s Convergence Summit

Keller is co-author of The Physics of Brand and founding partner and managing principal at Capsule, where he leads brand development, strategy, research and naming for clients. At HOW Design Live later this month, he’ll deliver a must-see session titled “Why—and How—to Marry Effective Marketing and Meaningful Design.” You’ll learn why design and marketing need to get closer together, a few “tinder” tips for how the two (marketing and design) can meet up and get cozy, and key indicators of whether or not the relationship is going well.

3. Amy Schwartz, from an interview with PRINT

At this year’s HOW Design Live in Boston, Schwartz—currently creative director at Bright Bright Great and formerly design director at Cards Against Humanity and Blackbox—will be talking directly to those of you who are mid-level designers new to leadership roles, exploring questions like, How do we learn to be the mentors we wish we had? Learn more about her session here.

4. Jeff Greenspan, from a past HOW Design Live conference

At this year’s HOW Design Live event, artist and activist Greenspan will be talking about how to work in advertising with a clean(er) conscience.

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5. Reginé Gilbert, from an article on Medium

User experience designer Gilbert will be talking about approaching design with accessibility in mind at HOW Design Live this year. Don’t miss this!

6. Stefan Mumaw, from a past HOW Design Live conference

Later this month at HOW Design Live in Boston, Mumaw will be leading the annual HOW Connection. Trust us—you don’t want to miss this!

7. James Sommerville, from a past HOW Design Live conference

Sommerville, VP of global design at The Coca-Cola Company, will be delivering a keynote at this year’s HOW Design Live conference. Don’t miss it!

8. Mona Patel, from an interview with HOW

Later this month, Patel—author of Reframe and CEO of Motivate, a design and research agency—will take the stage at HOW Design Live in Boston for a fast-paced and interactive session. She’ll guide you through a crash course on market and design research methods, from thorough and traditional to new, proprietary. You’ll leave knowing when and how to fold in research on your projects, as well as some new techniques to use in the next one. Learn more here.

9. Christine Mau, from an interview with Envato

On Thursday, May 3, the final day of HOW Design Live 2018, Mau—who is currently senior brand strategy director at Medline Industries Inc.—will deliver a talk titled “Designers and Clients: Divided by a Common Language,” in which she’ll share the first ever client-agency translation guide. 

10. Alex Center, from a past HOW Design Live conference

Catch Center’s Spark session the morning of Wednesday, May 2, at this year’s conference.

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