11 Drool-Worthy Self Promotion Designs & Resumes

As we gear up for the extended deadline of the HOW Promotion & Design Awards (April 27!), we want to share a few examples of the unique and gorgeous types of self-promotion designers are creating today. From business cards and augmented reality counterparts to flip books and gif sets, if you’re proud of your self promotion, we want to see it!

more about HOW’s longest-running design competition, the magnificent list of prizes and the esteemed judges by visiting the entry page. It’s time that you get recognized as the design superhero you are.


1. Alessia Tatulli — Personal Branding Self-Promotion CV

“In this project I tried to express my personality, my sense of aesthetics and mostly my passion for graphic design. When I work on a project I try to keep elements simple and ordered, without leaving out originality and a liveliness typical of my personality. When I started working on this projects, I realized how hard it was to find a personal identity, so I thought about why I like my job. I thought about how it allows me to express myself through shapes, colors and styles, and then I enjoyed trying to tell my personal story, my experiences and a little piece of my life.”

2. Cristian Martínez Castellar — Resume / Curriculum Vitae

3. Emma Lucia — The Flipside Résumé

“The Flipside is a résumé, but not an ordinary one.  I’ve always been a knick-knack collector, and as a kid I used to rummage through old toys my Nonna collected. One day I came across a Zoetrope, and since then I’ve been fascinated by primitive animation. I decided to combine my adoration for this and knick-knacks to create the format for The Flipside; a flipbook. I want people to come out the other side knowing who I am better than if they read a traditional résumé. I also want to show my personality at the same time as talking about my skills as a graphic designer.”

4. Jarosław Dziubek — JD personal branding

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5. Karina Tan — CV 2016

6. Katsy Garcia — Self Branding & Portfolio

“Branding, print and web collaterals developed for my personal brand as a designer.”

7. Manon Louart — Personal Identity

“Personal branding – Business cards & Augmented reality”

8. Ozan Karakoc — It’s OK | Branding Booklet

“‘It’s OK’ is a promotional booklet that I’ve created for the potential clients of my design studio. It explores some of the questions that brand owners ask themselves and most of the time can’t find answers to. The book then gives hints and points ways to help them overcome difficulties with the power of branding and design.”

9. Rosette Heights — Temple of Happiness

“Looking to create a meaningful gift symbolizing our expertise and strong partnership with clients, we designed a Venn diagram-shaped ceramic shaker set to celebrate the centuries-long pairing of salt and pepper, complete with a decoder and hidden message: Happiness is life’s greatest healer. Salt and pepper remain staples on tables across Western culture, so inseparable that manners dictate to always pass the pair in unison at meals. Dual elements were applied throughout the rest of the applications—all resulting in 100 limited-edition, functional box sets displaying our versatile creativity and conceptual thought.”

10. Sofia Silva — Portfolio & CV

“Printed portfolio gathering most of the work done at university during bachelor degree.”

11. Vincezo Castro — Curriculum Vitae

“A brief resume of my skills, education and work experience”

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