Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign Edits Instagrammer’s Body Based On Trolls’ Comments

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Most people lead double lives. When they’re offline, they’re more-or-less surer of themselves. They pick their own outfits, buy their own groceries, and make their own beds.

When they’re on their phones, however, their lives suddenly belong to others. They become crowdfunded passion projects, paid by ‘likes’, and supposedly have to look the way people want them to.

To combat the internet’s mania over “perfect” beauty standards, international anti-cyberbullying nonprofit Cybersmiles partnered with adam&eveDDB to launch a pro-bono campaign highlighting ridiculous standards internet trolls impose on others.

The two enlisted body confidence advocate and social media influencer Chessie King to appear in a series of photos and videos, distorting her physical features in real-time according to bullies’ comments to highlight how dangerous and abusive these opinions can be.

“Trolling can affect anyone, from a 16-year-old who has 100 followers to a celebrity who has over one million followers, and these can have extreme consequences,” King warned.

“I have been through an exceptional amount of trolling these past six months since I’ve opened up more about my life on my Instagram platform, and this has attracted such negativity from trolls and haters. Trolling is such an important issue to tackle.”

According to Cybersmile, the campaign reached 480,000 people in just 24 hours—a testament to the gravity of cyber trolls’ effects on social media users.

See how absurd and toxic it might be to listen to the criticism of keyboard warriors in the video below.

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Image via Cybersmile

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