Create Your Own Beautiful Website with Wix

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Web design can be tough, let alone coding, but the good news is that website building platforms are better than they’ve ever been.

Introducing Wix, the perfect platform to create your own beautiful website, whether it’s for your business, portfolio – or for a client.

There are 100s of stunning templates to choose from, or start from scratch. You simply change, customize and add anything you want with drag and drop.

Look and Stunning Online

Build with layouts

With 100s of design features, you can create your own stunning website and look amazing on any device – desktop or mobile. Look professional with your own custom domain, mailboxes, email marketing and more.

Business Solutions

Wix offers professional solutions for every business:

  • Wix Stores
    Create, manage and sell your products in a beautiful online store.
  • Wix Bookings
    Get booked and paid for appointments online – commission free.
  • Wix Blog
    Create a beautiful blog, write posts and share them with your online community.
  • Wix Art Store
    Exhibit and sell digital or physical art and prints right on your website.

Total Creative Freedom

Get real creative freedom online, so you’re in control from design to live.

With Wix you can create the exact website you want.

Technologically Advanced

Wix Website Preview

Wix is the most technologically advanced website building platform available.

  • Wix Editor: The world’s most innovative website builder. Choose a template you love and customize as much or as little as you want with drag and drop.
  • Wix Code: Take full control of your website’s functionality with JavaScript and Wix APIs. You’ll be able to set up database collections, build dynamic pages and repeating layouts that showcase your content. Make your site even more engaging by adding custom interactions to your page elements – all using the same visual components of the Wix Editor. It’s serverless, hassle-free coding.
  • High-Quality Media Galleries: Display your own images, autoplay videos and text in over 30 high-quality galleries.
  • Image Library: Wix offers 1000s of visuals for your websites (free from Wix or Shutterstock).
  • SEO: Follow your own personalized SEO to get your website found on search engines like Google.

Wix Design Features:

Wix Aaron Walker

Wix is built to look beautiful and is intuitive to use.

  • Retina Ready
    Set the image quality and sharpness of your photos.
  • Unlimited Fonts
    Choose from 100s of fonts or easily upload your own.
  • Design Effects
    Bring your site to life with animation and parallax effects.
  • Code Capabilities
    Build your own web applications and robust websites.
  • Grids & Layouts
    Design and customize your site in any grid or layout.

» Check out Wix and create your own beautiful website.


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