Crypto Strategies And Billions Of Dollars

My Journey From Affiliate Marketer to Trying to Build a Billion Dollar Business

Crypto Strategies And Billions Of Dollars

“Based on a popular interview I did with Attila a while back, I just finished writing the full story from my beginnings with affiliate marketing and building my first startup, up until today. I touch upon how I managed to move on from affiliate marketing (it’s not easy), to delegating, hiring and I talk about the darker side of things.”

Performance marketing strategies & know-how to make millions with crypto

“During the last months I’ve been been breathing, dreaming and pooping crypto. My last objective has been to find out the best, most optimized, investing strategy that can give me the highest returns, with the lesser amount of work and dedication, and assuming the lowest possible risk. So this post has 2 objectives: 1. Send my thoughts and findings to public revision, as I would love to have your feedback and corrections to keep optimizing the strategy, and 2. I hope this text can be helpful to people starting. “

$3.5k budget, eager to learn, seeking advice on right direction

Vortex writes the DEFINITIVE guide to the current question of the day: should you start with pops or FB in 2018?

PSA: Remember to hit “Thanks” on great STM posts!

“Just a quick reminder for everyone: if you see a useful post on STM, short or long, take a moment to hit the “Thanks” button at the bottom-right of the post. It’s the green thumbs-up button. “

Critical question about ecommerce

Why would people buy from your store when they could buy from Aliexpress direct? The STM community answers that question in full.

Google February 2018: Whats allowed vs. Whats not

“The following ad types are classified by the Coalition for Better Ads – and hence by Google – as “falling beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability”.”

Tutorial How to Make Banners in Photoshop for Complete Newbies

From the archives: Vortex’s amazing guide to banner ad creation for newbies.

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