Getting custom icons to behave in macOS 10.13.4

Hello, so I've got a 13"2016 nTB MacBook Pro and I have an external G-Drive that I am trying to customize.

The Drive is split up into 3 Volumes. The main volume on this drive has the standard G-Drive logo (It looks like this), the secondary Volume is a Time Machine Volume and has the default Time Machine Drive icon, and finally there is an Auxiliary Volume that is an exFAT Partition with the generic orange Drive icon.

What I have been trying to do is get that exFAT partition to have the Drive icon of the Bootcamp assistant. Should be pretty straight forward right? Get your .png that fits in the size requirements (In my case 1024×1024), open it in preview, cmd+A, select the object you want to modify (my exFAT partition), cmd+I, select the small icon in the top left, cmd+v, your icon should show up. But mine does not.

I've made my own PNGs, I've made a .iconset, I've copy and pasted Bootcamp Assistants own icon into the partitions get info panel and it still won't work. (I have also given read and write permissions to all objects to all users, even ones not listed at first in the list). What happens is whenever I paste the icon I want, the preview icon on my desktop updates, but to the generic .png icon. ????

I can replace the icon of a generic folder using all of the PNGs I have made for the Bootcamp icon and they work perfectly, but I cannot for some reason change the icon of an external drive.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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