I’m giving away my course! (Here are the details on how to get it!)

I’m going to do something that I think I’ve never done before! I’m giving away one of my courses — for FREE!

Yes, You Read That Right

You see, I am so excited about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and I want as many people as possible to get to benefit from this amazing deal.

In case you missed my other posts on it, it’s an amazing collection of 129 different resources to help you as a homemaker. There are ebooks and printables and ecourses and more — on topics like self-care, decluttering, time management, menu-planning, saving money on groceries, homeschooling, parenting, working from home, healthy living, faith, and much more!

It’s $3600 worth of downloadable products for just $29.97! How’s that for a deal??

There is Catch, Though

But yes, there is a catch — it’s only available as this amazing bundle at this fantastic price until Monday night! After Monday at midnight, the deal goes away and the only way to get these products is to purchase them individually!

Even if you only end up really using 4-5 products from the bundle, there’s a good chance you’ll still be saving a lot of money by purchasing them as part of the bundle!

How to Get Your FREE Course

Because I love this bundle so much and think it’s such a great deal, I decided to do something I’ve never done in order to give you just a little bit of extra motivation to consider purchasing it.

I’m going to give you a copy of one of my latest courses — Say Goodbye to Survival — for FREE!

Here’s how you get it for free:

  1. Click here to purchase a copy of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.
  2. Send a copy of your receipt to brian@moneysavingmom.com
  3. And that’s it! Brian will reply with a special link that you can use to sign up for Say Goodbye to Survival for free!

(Already have a copy? You can gift the free copy to a friend!)

That’s Not All — It Gets Even Better!

Wait! That’s not all!

Do you remember when I offered the 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life coaching group I offered back in January? Well, we edited the videos and content and put it all into a course format and we’ll be offering it for sale on our site in a few months.

But you don’t have to wait a few months to get it! When you purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, it’s included as one of the downloads!

So not only can you follow the steps above to get a free copy of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, you also get a copy of my brand-new course, 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life — because it is one of the 129 resources included in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

Now That’s What I Call a DEAL!

Both of these courses (Say Goodbye to Survival Mode + 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life) combined usually sell for $44. But you will get them both + 128 other resources + some cool bonuses for just $29.97!

See? I told you it was a great deal!

Hurry! This Offer Ends on Monday!

But remember, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is only available until Monday at midnight. So hurry and click below to grab your copy and then be sure to email your receipt to Brian so he can send you access to Say Goodbye to Survival Mode for FREE!

Ready to order? Just click below. Want to read more about everything in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? Go here.

P.S. If you need any extra incentive or you’re not completely sure that this bundle is for you, they offer a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee — so if you purchase and decide it’s just not for you, they will give you your money back!

(Note: The links in this post are affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking through our links. Read our disclosure policy here.)


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