Moscow Affiliate Conference! Adwords & FB Changes!

Moscow affiliate conference 2018 is coming!

Moscow Affiliate Conference! Adwords & FB Changes!

“What can you expect from MAC & Party 2018? First of all, the attendees from over the world: well-known companies, super-affiliates, whose approaches to business are many different. Moscow Affiliate Conference by Leadbit & STM is able to engage any kinds of guests, providing a scale of the event organization. Greatest networking is promised!”

Don’t Forget To Retarget for Bonus $$$!

“I was having a on the STM mod Slack the other day, and the topic of “what things don’t affiliates do enough?” came up. All the usual suspects were mentioned – email lists, split-test more, and so on. But there was one thing in particular that we agreed where affiliates, particularly newer affiliates, tend to leave piles of money on the table: Retargeting.”

Circumventing Systems/November Policy Update

“So, as a lot of Adwords publishers are aware, they did a pretty big update in November that has been knocking off affiliates left and right. I believe that (at least) some of the update has actually not been announced in writing. “

An Interview From AW Asia 2017 With Andrew Payne

“Andrew tells us about what motivated him to write his guides, coming back to affiliate marketing after a long break, mixing performance marketing with traditional brand advertising and his first time in Bangkok.”

An Interview From AW Asia 2017 With Matej “matuloo” Cechvala

“The legendary matuloo tells us about how it feels to be in the affiliate for longer than some community members have been alive and what are the trends for 2018.”

Worth it going direct with nutra straightsale adv?

STM’s Matuloo offers hard-won advice on dealing directly with advertisers.

Facebook Newsfeed Change – thoughts?

The STM community debates the recent FB newsfeed change and what it means for affiliates.

Need help scaling..

Need help with TrafficJunkie campaigns? Matuloo drops some knowledge bombs.

Why Do You Need A CDN?

Why should you use a CDN for your campaigns? A quick guide.


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