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Plugins and Other Resources to Start a WordPress Blog

There are a lot of people who start their own WordPress blog, but only few succeed at blogging. Why?

Well, starting a blog is one thing, but running it is something else entirely. You need to create content, promote that content, reply to comments, answer questions from the customers, deal with technical issues, and more. Most people get overwhelmed by it all and simply give up.

That is why it’s so important to save your time, energy, and money wherever possible. In this article, I’ll share six tools and services that saved me a lot of headache during my career. They will make your life easier, too!


Are you tired of dealing with repetitive questions from your customers? As a business owner, you really shouldn’t be spending your time on tasks like that, because there are much more important things that need your attention. But what other options do you have besides outsourcing customer service to someone else?

Well, one way to solve this problem would be to create a frequently asked questions knowledge base and give people the ability to find the answers they need themselves. You can do that with the KnowAll Theme from HeroThemes.

Stripe Payments

You have to sell products or services in order to make money online. That means that you’ll need a way to process payments. Stripe is great for that.

Stripe Payments is a great payment plugin that allows you to put “Buy Now” buttons anywhere on your site, as well as accept donations via Stripe.


Don’t know how to make money from your WordPress website? Turning it into an online casino might be a great option. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s doable!

Of course, building an online casino from scratch would be incredibly difficult, because you’d have to pay tons of money for developers and designers to create the games. But what other options do you have?

Well, you could become an iGaming affiliate, and then use – WordPress Affiliate themes & plugins –  to import up to 1800 games to your website and manage your online casino. Maybe you should roll the dice?


Want to build a successful WordPress blog? Then you better pick the right hosting. Many people underestimate its importance and just go with the first hosting provider they stumble upon. That’s a big mistake that can have disastrous consequences.

For example, what if one of your posts goes viral, but then your website crashes because it can’t deal with all the incoming traffic? That would be such a waste of a great opportunity.

That’s why you need a hosting that is affordable, reliable, and secure. Hostinger is exactly that. Their plans start at $2.15/month. That is an unbeatable price! But don’t worry, despite the low price tag, Hostinger is dedicated to your success.

This dedication is also demonstrated by the fact that they have tons of WordPress tutorials to help you  get ahead of the competition. They cover everything from installing WordPress to a HTML cheat sheet!


Web development is a great skill to have when you are building a WordPress blog. That makes everything so much easier. Want to add something to your website? You can do it yourself! But what if you don’t have any web development skills and can’t really afford to hire a web developer at this stage of your business?

That is when various plugins come in handy. For example, say you want to build a contact form, but don’t know how. What should you do? The simplest option is to install CaptainForm plugin and add the form to your site using their drag and drop editor. No coding skills required! Always look for plugins before hiring developers to do small tasks like this.


It’s important to understand that great content alone won’t get you far. I know, I know, it goes against the common wisdom that content is king. But really, think about it. When you land on a website with unappealing design, do you stay and read the content, or do you leave as fast as you can? Well, your visitors are no different, and they’ll be just as unforgiving when it comes to your web design.

So what can you do to improve the visual quality of your website? Well, ideally, you’d hire a professional web designer. But can you afford it? Probably not if you are just starting out. So what else can you do if you don’t have any web design skills yourself?

Again, look for plugins. For example, SmartSlider3 is a WordPress slider plugin that allows you to add a professional looking slider to your homepage. You don’t need any web design skills for that! There are plenty of plugins like that out there, you just need to look.


As you can see, a lot of issues that you are facing as a blog owner can be solved with the right tool or service, so make sure that you follow my recommendations and take advantage of these resources. That way, you’ll be able to focus more on what really matters in your business, and less on annoying little details. And don’t give up when things get hard. Keep your eyes on the prize!

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