Watch: ‘Deadpool’ Sets Aside Being A Superhero To Sell Sandwiches On A Unicorn

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Sandwich brand DEVOUR has teamed up with Marvel’s ‘Deadpool’ to introduce its new line of tasty sandwiches.

The first-of-its-kind range of sandwiches feature melted cheese, tender meat sandwiched between toasted golden-brown bread. The 30-second spot shows fans joining ‘Deadpool’ in his dream, as the masked crusader rides a unicorn around the supermarket in search of a delicious sandwich to satisfy his cravings.

He encounters various food characters along the way, as well as a sassy little girl, before loading up his cart with DEVOUR’s new sandwiches and escaping into a giant microwave.

“I always told myself I’d never sell out,” ‘Deadpool’ says. “But daddy needs to bring home the bacon. In more ways than one.”

DEVOUR’s sandwiches are packed in an open- box, so customers can see what they are purchasing. The different flavors include ‘Philly Cheesesteak’, which contains grilled cheese and ‘Buffalo Chicken’, ‘Sweet and Smoky Pork’, as well as ‘Turkey Bacon and Ranch’.

DEVOUR’s sandwiches are made to satisfy your cravings and is easy to prepare. Just place it in the microwave for three minutes and voilà! It’s ready to be eaten, even on-the-go. Customers can purchase each sandwich at US$3.50.

[via Business Wire, images via DEVOUR Foods]


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