What Google’s ‘core algorithm changes’ mean for your website

Google is continually updating its algorithm—but the current modification
is significant.

Often, Google’s tweaks have minimal effect on your ranking, assuming you’ve
been complying with its SEO guidelines. However, Google recently released a
tweet mentioning “broad core algorithm changes,” which are relatively rare.

Such an overhaul puts many companies at risk of losing their search engine
ranking. Here’s a close look at the changes:

What does a ‘core algorithm update’ mean?

Google frequently updates features of its ranking algorithm; this time, the
has updated the algorithm’s foundation. Many websites will be
affected by the changes, even if prior updates had no effect on their

Why is Google making such major algorithm changes?

All changes are intended to improve search results. This one is supposed to
help understand
user intent as well as deciphering the content itself.

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For example, if someone searches for “cars to buy,” he’ll see results of
websites that sell cars, even if they have a lower ranking than more
prestigious websites that include content about the “best cars to buy.” If
someone searches for “the best cars to buy,” she will get results of more
informative websites, because her “intent” is to garner more information.

How do I find out if my are affected?

This is only the beginning, so your domains could still be affected in
coming weeks and months. In the meantime, you can check your keyword rankings and ensure your websites are mobile-friendly.

Content-heavy websites, such as major news portals, have seen a boost since
the algorithm changes took hold. Websites with scant content, such as Etsy,
have seen a negative effect. Make sure each page that you publish (and that
Google indexes) has at least 500 words.

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