A Peek Into Our Lives This Past Week (+ an update on my goals for this year)

Welcome to my weekly post I share a peek into our lives, talk about things I’m loving, share links to interesting articles or helpful ideas I’ve collected throughout the past week, and just talk about whatever is on my heart! ???? 

It was a great week! Full of lots of time with friends and tackling some big work projects and other house projects!

I enjoyed getting to watch my friend’s four kids one morning this week while she had an appointment. The weather was gorgeous that day and we loved getting to play outside.

I bought this shirt from Amazon and absolutely love it! (And it comes in multiple color and has free shipping — and it’s just $12.99!)

We were supposed to go camping with our Community Group this weekend, but the weather said 100% chance of rain and strong storms all day on Saturday, so we came up with a last-minute plan B that included a cookout at our house.

The ladies also went and got pedicures on Saturday.

And then we had a Guys vs. Ladies Escape Game Competition. The ladies got out before the girls, but they had a harder room to escape from and they set a new record for the fastest time escaping from the room.

And then we all went out for pizza!

5 years ago, we realized that us both working full-time in completely separate jobs (me as a blogger, him at his law practice) wasn’t working well. We weren’t spending enough time as a family, we were often going in two separate directions, we didn’t have much breathing room or downtime as a whole family, and there was a lot of stress.

So, we started dreaming of what life could look like or what we felt like would be a better and healthier setup for our family. And then we began planning and praying toward that end.

It meant big changes (moving to TN, Jesse closing down his law firm, restructuring our online business, me becoming the bread winner, quitting homeschooling, and completely revamping how we do life).

It didn’t make sense to a lot of people. It was unconventional. It required leaps of faith and willingness to take risks. It also didn’t happen overnight.

But it has been 100% it. I sat across the table from a friend last night and she looked at me and said, “It seems like you’ve found a really healthy pace of life!”

And I have. It’s not perfect, mind you. There are still bumps in the road and days when I wish for 8-5 jobs. But our whole family is happier and healthier and more grounded today than we’ve ever been.

I share this to encourage you: if your current situation isn’t serving you and your family well, remember that you’re not stuck. Get creative. Get brave. Start dreaming and thinking outside the box. And begin taking small steps in the direction that would be healthier for you and your family.

It won’t be easy and it might not pan out exactly like you’d hoped or pictured, but it will be worth it to pursue a life that is more in line with your family’s goals and mission and heartbeat.

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2018 Goals Update

Personal Goals

1. Read 100 non-self-help books that will build me up/encourage me/inspire me/recharge me. (Fiction/story-driven/biographies/inspirational living books/devotionals.) See the list of 44 books I plan to read this year.

**Progress: 18 books read so far this year

2. Read through the entire Bible.

**Progress: I’m using the Robert Murray M’Cheyne plan and am all caught up— yay!

3. Write one handwritten note to someone every week.

**Progress: 16 notes written so far this year

4. 500 miles.

**Progress: 128 miles run so far

Marriage Goal

5. Go on an overnight trip with Jesse without the kids.Jesse and I went to NYC together in January.

Family Goals

6. Read 10 books aloud with the kids.

**Progress: I’ve finished one book so far.

7. Take the kids to South Africa.

**Progress: We nailed down dates for our trip!

8. Go on a family road trip.

Financial Goals

9. Save up to pay cash to finish off an office for me and workout room for Jesse and me in the basement in our new house.

10. Replenish our Emergency Fund (we dipped into it to replace my car when it got totaled because of the carpet beetle infestation.)

Business Goals

11. Increase our gross income from the business by 8%.

12. Launch 5 new courses.

**Progress: We launched 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life launched in January, Content Creation 101 in February, 4-Week Blog Coaching Program in March, Email List Setup 101 in March, and Make Over Your Mornings LIVE in April.

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