Balenciaga’s US$755 ‘Plastic Bin’ Shirt Promises You Won’t Look Like Rubbish

Composite by DesignTAXI. via Selfridges

Why toss an idea into the trash when you can “upcycle” it into a US$755 piece of apparel?

While some major brands strive to eliminate harmful plastic from their products and services—McDonald’s UK is saying goodbye to plastic straws across its restaurants—luxury fashion brand Balenciaga is putting it front and center in this ‘Plastic Bin’ shirt design.

First unveiled at Paris Fashion Week in 2017, this “Bin oversized water-repellent shirt” can be found on Selfridges in green.

“Some people could make a bin bag work on them – now, thanks to Balenciaga, we can test this theory without the risk of looking rubbish. Ever the ironist, Demna Gvasalia crafts this shirt from water-repellent fabric that wouldn’t look out of place in a kitchen cupboard. To earn its catwalk credentials, metallic branding from the haute-fashion house combines with a contemporary dropped-shoulder cut. Not one we’re likely to throw out anytime soon,” writes Selfridges under the product’s description.

The apparel is 100 percent polyethylene, which is the most common plastic, with exposed button fastenings on its front, plus brand logo prints on the front as well as back.

No washing instructions have been detailed on the webpage, though a wet sponge would probably suffice.

Composite by DesignTAXI. via Selfridges

Composite by DesignTAXI. Images via Selfridges

[via Selfridges]


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