Festive Tips From STM!

Spent $10k last Christmas to gain affiliates. $280k return so far

Festive Tips From STM!

“Although I received 1 response from the candy canes, the cowboy hats brought in about 50% response rate, all positive. People love cowboy hats and this was the best conversation starter ever, some people even requested I send more for their team members!”

A Popads campaign suddenly stop converting completely, possible cause?

“Pop camps will die for no reason – it’s very frustrating, but is normal (and unfortunately, increasingly so….) Try these: 1)Do a bot test to see if the placements that were converting well before, now has large percentages of bot traffic. 2)Set up a duplicate camp…”

Why is first conversion the most important

“Many guys don’t realize, there is less difference in making 1k a day and 10k a day than is there from making 0 to making 100 bucks a day.”

Postback tracking shopify

“Below is a starter for 10 that you can use for simple server-to-server (s2s) conversion tracking. I’ve tested it with voluum and it works.”

How To Find This Thread?

A quick guide to finding things in STM’s massive archives.

A Killer FB Marketing Technique: Manychat Contests

“It’s working incredibly well on Amazon, and it costs almost nothing to give away 5 units in return for several hundred people on your list.”

The Explanation For Bitcoin In 2017

“The gross gambling market yield in 2016 was 450 billion U.S. dollars, under very tightly regulated conditions. Bitcoin just blew that market wide open.”

The Future of Native Media Buying

Rob Gryn, founder of Voluum, recommends some resources on bot detection and prevention.


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