Getting out of the military, Looking to get into Sales

I am currently in the Navy and plan on separating in a few months. I am tired of the bureaucracy, 80's technology, slow ship internet, paperwork chaos and overall lack of incentive to work hard. I believe a job in sales seems the exact opposite, which is what I want.

I will have a solid amount of down time before I process out, which I intend to absorb as much information as possible. I plan on reading the various suggested books on sales that have been mentioned here. I want to get into tech, but am willing to go healthcare/ if that is what it takes to get my initial job.

My Features:

  1. Navy officer who's been in a management / leadership role for the last 3 years.
  2. College degree in health management. Degree involved various business and health classes.
  3. No formal sales experience. I did have short stint in fashion retail (Banana Republic) and was a valet for a few summers where I could argue that some salesmanship was involved.

Some questions:

  1. How valuable is being a veteran to sales employers?

  2. Once I'm out, should I immediately interview for an entry level SDR/BDR role, or should I go to a training program like alwayshired first? How much do employers care about previous training?

  3. How does the mentor relationship work?

  4. What is the daily work day of an SDR/BDR?

  5. What are some I can read to give me general information on the tech industry, whos who in the zoo…

  6. Anyone work for a startup in San Diego? This is where I will be located once getting out and from briefly looking, I see many SDR postings for start ups.

  7. What is the general sales pipline? From what I understand its SDR – AE – Account manager. Where does it go from there?

Thank you!

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