How I fucked my Windows 10 by moving stuff on an external hard drive

So I have an external hard drive with I removed from an old laptop. The hard drive was partitioned, and I wanted to move everything from one partition to the other, so that I could expand the one, and only have to deal with one drive instead of two.
That was the plan. I had no idea how fucked my laptop could be this evening.

So I did that and was surfing in chrome and at some point I noticed how all my desktop where gone. I thought "Huh, that's weird". I tried to get them back, but I couldn't even find the Desktop folder in my user. That's where I realized something is wrong.

I thought maybe a restart helps (a lot of problems have been fixed that way before). So I cancelled the moving process and restarted, but after the restart things got even weirder.
I logged in and this started with an error message telling me that the desktop folder could not be found, so my desktop was still empty (except for the trash bin). Also the in the task bar were just the standard file icon. I hoped it was just because they weren't loaded or something, but when I double clicked them, I got another error.

So far, so bad. At this point I started to backup important files for an upcoming presentation. After that I made another restart because I didn't know what to do.

Then I thought of the Windows system recovery. I really hoped that this would unfuck my system, but in the end in really just fucked it even more. I started it and the latest recovery point was just 2 days old! Chancrs were looking really good for recovery, or so I thought. I started it and after the process (took quite some time) Windows didn't even start!

Now I had my dad take a look at this mess. He pulled out some Boot CD and managed it to get Windows to start up. Then my highest priority was saving important files and folders since it didn't look good for my system.
While backing up some other stuff some window popped up asking me if I want to reverse the recovery attempt. I was like "Yes please"! But I could have come with it myself, that if it doesn't work one way, in won't work the other way.

So after that was finished, it didn't boot up again, only with the Recovery-Boot-Idk-Magic CD. Now I knew that this laptop needs a reset and I backup a looot of stuff.

Now I'm thinking if I should switch to Ubuntu. I've been using it a lot through an VM and I was only using Windows for MS Office and gaming, but I don't play much so that wasn't the problem, also because there are some games for linux. Also I think it won't be a problem switching to LibreOffice.
So now I'm thinking… There are a lot of things I really like on linux, the commandline, the package system, the file structure, etc.

TL;DR: Fucked my laptop by moving stuff from an external hard drive to itself, tried fixing it with the system recovery, just made it worse, tried to undo it, made it even worse, now reset laptop and thinking of switching to linux.

EDIT: Holy shit that's a lot of text;)

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