Lessons from $1bn Ad Spend

The Future of Native Media Buying

Lessons from $1bn Ad Spend, ONLY infoTech

“I thought I would share what I’ve learned over the last 2.5 years since I made the decision to build Voluum DSP. To give you some background on the ‘market research’ that led to the decision to build a DSP: a few years ago I had one of our devs pull a report to see how much ad spend we were tracking in Voluum TRK and to my astonishment it was close to $1 billion.”

AWA 2017 is over and it was AMAZING!!! 🙂

“Let me post some pics to refresh everyone’s memories And please, in case you got some good ones yourself, post them here, to show those who didn’t attend, why they shouldn’t make the same mistake again “

Facebook Scaling Mastery – Turn Your Affiliate Career Into a REAL Business!

“If you really want to make money, no matter what traffic source you are using, you need to know how to scale! Having a one or two profitable campaigns is not enough, you need to have deep understanding of the scaling process.”

Facebook to Launch More BMs per Account

“You now have option for more than two BMs within one Facebook!”

2017 … what a year … slime beats bitcoin!

“Every single one of these has been used as an offer or an angle for affiliates to make lots of money this year.”

I get blocked on Facebook when I promote sweeps offers using AdsBridge. Why?

“You get the clicks from FB Ad manager to the prelander, you get the clicks/conversions from prelander to campaign from network/advertiser/adsbridge dashboard.”

Case Study $9000+ in 4 Days with Email Marketing on Black Friday

“Email marketing is dead. You’ll hear this every time whenever you start thinking about starting an email marketing campaign. Even I read this on many blogs and forums. But something which intrigued me was my own behaviour.”

What to do on facebook? AWA left me more clueless than before

STM’s experts de-confuse the issue. Black or white hat? What vertical? And more.


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