Oracle to Sybase Database Migration Tips

One of the most important parts of database migration is having a full understanding of the current and the business applications that they support. Without this fundamental knowledge, you will not only run the risk of missing key components in the system, but you will also not be able to strategically improve the performance of the database. Oracle to Sybase Migration Overview In order for your oracle to sybase migration to be successful, it is best to follow the suggestions that are outlined below: Review your requirements, standards, best practices, and business preferences to develop a comprehensive strategic plan. Make sure this plan has been created or at least validated by experts in both Oracle and Sybase systems. that you have full access to all Oracle PL/SQL code being used in both client applications and the database applications. Sybase ASE expertise is needed for performance tuning and optimization. Have a solid testing process and way to validate the accuracy and efficiency of the database system. Have a plan and strategy for validating the migrated components. Use the Sybase Power Designer to reverse-engineer the Oracle schema and convert it to the Sybase ASE equivalent. In migrating Oracle PL/SQL code (more…)

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