Simple Campaign => $150k Rev

Case Study Turkey: Simple offers + Simple LP + Popular sources = $150k rev.

$150k Rev”>

“Today I want to show you my results with Turkey. It’s a very good GEO for POP traffic…”

Introducing the STM Levels and Points System

“As you must have noticed, over the past few weeks, select forum members have been assigned STM badges that say “LVL 10” or “LVL 9” or “LVL 8″ on them. Today we have rolled out these badges to the rest of the community. In this post I’ll explain how the system works.”

eCommerce Cookbook – Other PAID Traffic Sources For eCommerce

“And so, we’ve come to the end of the Cookbook! In this last section, we’ll look at the big, bold world out there beyond Facebook for traffic generation.”

Segmentation using Psychographics

“Not sure exactly how you’re intending to apply this because lots of affiliates are using psychographics in different ways, but since this is in the copywriting section, I’ll put in my two cents. “

The biggest FB Mistakes

“If I were to choose my biggest ever mistakes for FB ads, that is…”

How To Set A Goal: Specifics

“Like the fact that you want to buy your mom a house, but as far as goals go, as it is now, this is difficult to quantify. So, you need to define your goal better, check what you need to do and then see if it would work. Example…”

Traveling while logging into Business Manager

Some tips on how to travel and not get your account blocked.

Tips For An Unsuccessful Campaign

An experienced affiliate gives a newbie tons of tips on what to do NEXT after their first campaign.

Comment management

Should you hide comments or not? FBQueen gives her take.

How relevant are the guides from 2016-2015-2014?

“The fundamentals in AM remain the same, for many many years. I’m in the game for 20 years already and I can confirm that many techniques and approaches that we with, are still valid to date.”

Newbie going to AWA BKK. How Can I make deals?

“Just a few general tips from my end … 1. It doesn’t cost any money to ask, so ask as much questions as you can. 2…”

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