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Wanted to compile a list of very useful posts for sales professionals that are available on Reddit. This way we'll have an organized collection of useful threads for members to reference back to. It also gives incentive for other users to post insightful advice to be featured on this thread. These are all extremely useful whether you are new to the game or an industry vet. Give them all a read and you'll see results!



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Listed below are some very common questions that have been answered with insightful responses. Search through here to see if your question has been answered by the community.



How do I get my First Sales Job?

  • /U/Cyberrico Explains here in this epic thread

  • *College Student's Guide to Preparing for Sales

  • Why some of you new salespeople are destined to fail, and what to do about it

  • Ideas for young reps

I'm new to sales, what are the pros and cons of working in sales?

  • /u/NPIF laying down some career advice

Is selling cars a way of getting into sales?

  • Very great write up by /u/Cyndershade explains it all

  • Car Sales and What it Taught Me

  • More resources for new car salesmen

  • AMA from a Top BMW Salesman

What's the difference between marketing and sales?

  • Well defined in this thread

I'm new here and don't understand the sales lingo. Somebody help.

  • Sales Glossary

How much is a degree worth in sales? Will not having one hold me back in the future?

  • Read the comments here

  • More insight here as well

  • Additionally, more advice

I graduated with X degree but I want to get into sales. Where should I start?

  • View the comments in here

  • More insight

  • Good comments in here as well

  • Additionally, more advice

Where do I look for sales jobs?

  • In here

I'm X years old but I want to transition to sales, is it too late?

  • Answered here

Help I have an interview for a sales job

  • Interview tips from /u/TechSalesGuy

I suck at networking. Please help

  • Here to help

New to sales, I'm struggling. Need some help.

  • Tips for New and Struggling Salespeople by /u/Logos9871

Sell me this Pen.

  • *What is the correct answer to sell me this pen?



My business is growing, and I can finally afford to hire a salesperson, now what?

  • Great guide on how to approach this situation

How do I switch industries?

  • For those looking for a change, here is how I did it

I'm having problems at work, should I leave my job?

  • Should You Leave Your Job? by /u/cyberrico

I want to get into Tech Sales but where should I start?

  • Great Insight to Which Tech Industry You Should Work In by /u/cyberrico

I want to get into Medical Device or Pharma Sales, where do I start?

  • Very good response here

  • More links

  • Also here

  • More links 2

  • More links 3

  • More links 4

  • And this great AMA from DaDingo

What CRM do you use and why?

  • Suggestions in here

  • Answered in here

  • And here

I'm in outside sales and do a lot of cold visiting, how do I approach this situation?

  • /u/MisallocatedRacism dropping some knowledge

A little tidbit on small talk

  • /u/suta_2003 with some insightful suggestions

Recently joined a company as a BDR / SDR… how do I succeed?

  • *Cyberrico tells you here how to succeed as a BDR

  • Official BDR / SDR Resource Thread



This is where the magic happens, you'll go from struggling to hit quota, to becoming a top rep at your company.



Helpful Guides

  • Social Selling and You!

LinkedIn Advice

  • *Linkedin Sales Profile Template

  • LinkedIn Guide by /u/Cyberrico

  • Secret of Generating Leads From LinkedIn by /u/alanorouke



Helpful Guides

  • All About Prospecting

  • Social Engineering for Company Intelligence

What tools should I use to Prospect and find information about companies?

  • Guide to Leads Databases, Finding Contact Information and Doing Research by /u/cyberrico

  • Paid Lead Sources Discussion

  • Outbound Sales Technologies Overview

  • Guide to Free Lead Generation Using ReferenceUSA by /u/AThievingStableboy

How to Determine the Value of an Account?

  • Cyberrico explains here

Great way to Win a Face to Face Meeting

  • *How to Get a Face to Face Meeting with a Head Honcho if you Hate Cold Calling



Need help Cold Emailing?

  • Useful free Ebook on Cold Emailing

  • Cold Emails and Cold Calls and the Importance of Value by /u/boogdd

  • Cold Emailing and finding the correct email address

  • My Email Subject lines that get the best responses by /u/Cyberrico

  • Struggling to get a response from a prospect? Try out this email by /u/TheDrallen

  • *Tips to Improve your Email Outreach by /u/Hirekeep



Need help Cold Calling?

  • Cold Calling Guide

  • No Pressure Prospecting Calls by /u/OutofMacros

  • Trigger Events and Acting as a Consultant to your Prospects to add Value

  • Turning Call me Back into an Appointment

  • Getting past the gate keeper /u/dontmakemechoose2

  • Useful tips inside here

  • Objection: You have 5 Minuntes to impress me

  • Overcoming my fear of Cold Calling

  • Staying motivated on the phone

  • *Tips to turn call me back into a meeting

  • *Ending the debate on "How are You?"

  • *5 Bullet Points to Nail Home in a Sales Pitch



Building a Partner Network, how can this be accomplished?

  • Guide to Building a Partner Network

The Secrets to Time Management in Sales

  • Secrets to Time Management in Sales written by /u/Cyberrico

Tips for Success in Sales for the New Sales Rep

  • Tips for Success in Sales for the New Sales Rep

  • I (don't) make all the decisions

How NOT to do a Presentation

  • *Cyberrico tells you how to close a deal here

  • *How to Stop Talking about Yourself by /u/StarkSell



I'm getting a lot of objections and losing accounts! What do I do?

  • For Beginners – The Sales Intersection by /u/rachelhgray

  • Some Beginner Tips for New Sales People by /u/Dontmakemechoose2

  • Perspective of an IT purchaser

I'm STILL having trouble with Objection Handling?

  • Objection Handling in Different Scenarios by /u/RasAlTimmeh

  • /u/zyzzogeton and his perspective on Objection Handling

  • How to overcome objections without sounding like a jerk

  • *Cyberrico gives you advice on dealing with Pain Points

  • *Cyberrico chimes in his thoughts to Sales Job Hunting

  • *Cyberrico's guide to Working with Internal Marketing Departments



Feeling a little down? Sales burnout? Here's a little inspiration to get you through the rut.

  • Stop Being the Sheep and Start Being the Lion

  • How do you deal with pressure / manage your stress?

  • Users on /r/sales share how they make 200k+ a year

  • Are you burnt out? Read this by /u/TheDrallen

  • Math for Sales People

  • Mechanics vs Intentions

  • /u/NPIF missing his first ever sales target and what he's going to do about it

  • Favourite Sales Stories

  • *How to Feel Good About yourself Everyday



Here you will find AMA's from industry leaders within various industries – very interesting, give them a read!


  • AMA Series 1 – A Top Level Door-to-Door Sales Professional who generated over $4 mill by /u/darthtate

  • AMA Series 2 – Executive Vice President for a Full Service IT company and MSP with /u/dontmakemechoose2

  • AMA Series 3 – IamA Business Development Manager for a SaaS provider that services the HR industry who constantly hits over 200% of quota. Ask Me Anything /u/sufi_surfer

  • AMA Series 4 – I sell life insurance (B2C). I self-generate all my leads from my website, and do all my sales from my home office (I don't ever meet clients in person) /u/lifeinsurancecanada

  • AMA Series 5 – I am a Director of Sales for an Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider AMA /u/princess_pretty_girl

  • AMA Series 6 – I sell BMW's by /u/Micosilver

  • AMA Series 7 – I am a Sales Professional with about 13 years of experience in the medical field. I have been a Rep, Field Trainer, Clinical Specialist, and Sales Manager in a variety of specialties. AMA! /u/DaDingo

  • AMA Series 8 – Hi I'm Cyberrico, 25 Years in Technology Sales AMA

  • AMA Series 9 – Hi, I'm a sales compensation consultant at the world's largest sales and marketing consulting firm, AMA

  • AMA Series 10 – Real Estate Broker in Phx, AZ for 12+ years, still sane, AMA!

  • AMA Series 11 – Perspectives on the 25 year journey from Call Center Agent to SVP Global Sales

  • *AMA – Series 12 – I'm Grant Cardone, New York Times Bestseller, #1 Sales Trainer in the World – AMA

  • *AMA – Series 13 – John Barrows, Sales trainer for Box, LinkedIn, Salesforce



Here you'll find common resources to find books, podcasts, and other resources to increase your knowledge on sales.



What should I be doing on a daily basis to be a better sales professional?

  • Self Improvement for Sales People Megathread by /u/VyvanseCS


What books should I be reading?

  • *The Most Recommended Book of All time in /r/Sales

General consensus highly recommends that you read the following books:

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

  • Smart Calling – Art Sobczak

  • SPIN Selling – Neil Rackham

  • Secrets of Question-based Selling – Thomas Freese

  • The Wedge: How to Stop Selling and Start Winning – Randy Shwantz

  • Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross

  • Challenger Sale – Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson

For more on books, check out thread 1, thread 2, thread 3, thread 4, thread 5, or you can search it on /r/Sales like any normal person would.


If you find any other gems or have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section and I will add them in if they are indeed useful!

EDIT: This list will be updated on a reoccurring basis – if any links are broken, please PM the mods

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