Why is Everything J u s t i f i e d ?

So yeah recently I've decided I wanna work on publishing, typesetting, book covers, the works, so I've been trying to get better at making sure my Justified text looks nice and doesn't look like a failed attempt at professionalism in Microsoft Word. So I started going through the books in my room, all the books I never read The Freelancer's Bible by Sara Horowitz (2012), Designa published by Wooden Books(2014)*, Pocket Pal (2007) published *by International Paper Company, and so on.

I even looked through the old and scary books, like a Bible, ESV Bible, The Reader's Edition, and a guilty pleasure, Quantum Prophecy (2006) by Michael Carroll, and the only thing I could find that wasn't in that smug format was a self published book by Amanda Lovelace, the princess saves herself in this one where breaking from grammatical form was done purposefully.

So this is a bit of a question but it's also just an open discussion for anyone with an interest in type and typesetting. Why is it so prevalent? I have a self-published book called Find Me a Beautiful Woman and even that's justified, and I've heard the argument that self-publishers should just go with ragged right since they often times don't get the Justification right. Is it some right of passage? Some final gateway into the world of publishing that one must Justify text so well they have to go through three years of higher education to even* begi*n to notice its prevalence? Is Ragged more tiring on the eyes?

What do you guys think, and have you ever seen any books published with ragged right? Anyone know the history? Feel free to derail this conversation into anything you think might expand the conversation. I'm gonna go sip some tea before I break down mentally.

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