Beyond Dying Skies – Only Infotech – Only InfotechWIP

I have been developing an open source PC game for Linux for the last year. I am currently seeking testers to help make the distribution less of a hassle for new Linux users. Here are the relevant urls.

  • Engine
  • Game Code
  • Gameplay

The game engine is licensed under AL2, game code is licensed under GPLv3. I have compiled on GCC 5.4 C++14 compiler without any compiler warnings. I think clang++ needs a fix but can't confirm right now.

I have PKGBUILD scripts for Arch Linux here. Right now the project has a single makefile and I don't have any interest in using CMAKE. I have built the game on many but linker settings seem to be slightly different for each flavor. I can assist on building for other platforms, just PM me with issues. Please read the README for the needed dependencies… openal, freetype, libvorbis, X11 etc.

If you find a bug please file a bug report on Github. OpenGL 3.3 is needed to play the game. I have found that some OpenGL drivers claim 3.3 support but crash when running instancing code which can lead to a crash. If you find a fatal crash please post your distribution version so I can investigate it.

I am planning my next major sprint soon and I would like as much feedback as possible. Please let me know what you think of the work so far and I hope you enjoy the game.


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