‘Brandless’ Company Denied Trademark Filing For Conventional Packaging Design

Image via Brandless

Brandless, an online grocery store that prides itself as being “brand-free,” has wowed many a minimalist with its low-priced wares, as it claims to deliver products without going through middlemen.

Now that it’s earned a name for itself, the one-year-old company has opted to trademark its “branding,” as ironic as that might seem.

According to BrandChannel, the San Francisco-based answer to Japan’s MUJI attempted to trademark its visual identity, which entails “a white rectangle with rounded edges. To the outside upper right hand corner of said rectangle reads the terms ‘TM’.”

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has challenged the application, claiming that its color palette and aesthetics are not distinctive enough due to the “widespread usage of white, rounded labels in the marketplace.”

The USPTO also addressed its issue with the ‘TM’ symbol, which it says is “unregistrable material.”

The is still pending, and Brandless has six months to respond to these concerns.

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[via The Fashion Law, images via Brandless]

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