Help wrapping my head around a new type of sales. (for me)

Hi all. I just took a new job with a small company and I'm looking for some advice on a good sales methodology. To date, the company has relied on word of mouth, referrals and their website to generate business. They are profitable, but not quickly. I am the sole sales arm of the company.

Without getting too complex, we are a lab that calibrates equipment. Most of our customers manufacture something and use the equipment in their manufacturing process. They are required to get their equipment calibrated, mostly on an annual basis, to maintain their UL Listing, ISO Certification, etc. The equipment varies from electronic testing equipment to dimensional tools like micrometers and calipers.

My experience in sales are in fields with longer, more consultative relationship sales. This is totally different. The quote requests come in, we churn out the quotes. The people schedule with us or don't. Also, the companies out there that need our services are most certainly already working with someone else.

So, how do you build value with such an intangible, transactional product? Do I focus on SEO and improving inbound marketing? Mass emails? Cold calls? How do you build a value proposition when there's nothing very special about what you do? I mean…they send their stuff to us, we work on it, put on a new sticker and send it back with a new sticker on it and a certificate. It doesnt look, or work any different than when they sent it out.

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