Joy Mangano’s logo is made using my Paris Pro Typeface. Without any permission from me to Joy Mangano, HSN or her design team.

Designer Moshik Nadav wrote this on facebook:

There is a movie about a daring woman who faced many struggles at the beginning of her career. She invented a product and invested her property and money in making her idea become a reality. During this process, powerful people with an interest in her product tried to steal her idea. She almost up and lost everything she had. But she chose not to. She fought everyone all the way. And she won. Against all the odds and her lawyer's advice. she is a very successful woman.

The movie is called "Joy" and it tells the story of Joy Mangano Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro put in some incredible performances, and I recommend you to watch the movie.

The real Joy Mangano has many inventions today and has sold her products for more than 3 Billion Dollar.

Joy Mangano became a partner at HSN the American Shopping TV Channel where she sells her products. She also sells her products in major retail stores across the US and on her website.

Something you may not know about Joy Mangano is that Joy Mangano's logo is made using my Paris Pro Typeface. Without any permission from me to Joy Mangano, HSN or her design team. In fact, I had an agreement with the same design team where they were not allowed any commercial use including creating a logo, packaging or any mass production project. Guess what? That is exactly what they did. And you know what else? There was no resolution in court. They are just too powerful to fight with.

I decided to share the story with you, despite the fact they are threatening to sue me because I don't want the same thing to happen to you. I think creative people need to stand together and fight for recognition of their work. Exactly as Joy Mangano herself fought for her designs.

I'm not going to give up this time. I won't rest until Joy Mangano and her team are honest and pay for using my design.

I need all the creative industry with me here. Today it's me; tomorrow it might be you.

Don't let major companies with deep pockets and expensive lawyers steal your work. Those days are over.

Thank you for the support.

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