2017: Transforming Government Perspectives

Toward the end of 2016 I had the opportunity to hear the perspectives of many people who worked at city, state and national government and who participated in the first few Citizen2020 ‘Conversations Workshops.’

Our most recent workshop was held in San Francisco just a few weeks after Donald Trump was elected President.

Many of the spokespeople at that event were speculating as to how a Trump presidency might make fundamental changes to President Obama’s commitment to technology as a means of transforming government. Perhaps the new President’s commitment to social media (especially Twitter) implies a greater focus on grassroots citizen engagement.

Who knows?

The Editor of Citizen2020, Jeff Peel, has been reviewing some of the more interesting articles and published during 2016 and provides an interesting overview in this short ‘perspectives’ primer. He also references source articles—from IDC, McKinsey, 18F and Fast Company—that provide insight into the reasons we need digital transformation and the prize we’ll win if we achieve better, citizen-focused services.

Technology, of itself, is not the means to achieve better digital services. To an extent, service enabled by digital technology is a no-brainer. Most people get this. But leadership and commitment are needed to create services fit for purpose. Thinking about citizen experience and tangible improvements in business processes are the routes to better provision.

I highly recommend Jeff’s short paper—and the articles upon which his reflections are based. Click here to download it.

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